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The story below was written in February 2010. It summarizes a series of discoveries that were also shared in a large book first titled "THE GALACTIC CENTRE and the Great Waves Coming" that was published in 2008. The article and book explain the reasoning behind the Mayan Prophecy and in fact all other ancient prophecies. They are founded in an understanding of the effects of certain Heavenly cycles upon the Earth. Although December 2012 has come and gone since this was written and the world is still here, stirrings did in fact occur in the expected area in December 2012, as will be further explained in a coming Trilogy "ATLANTIS-MERU RISING"! For the fact is that we are truly in an exceptional window of time that is bringing great changes to our planet and the Main Event is yet to come. A background understanding of the nature of this event may be gleened in the following text.






What could happen in 2012 and what might it have to do with the centre of our galaxy?

 Of course this is a long and long forgotten story. The now famous date December 21 2012 is the date that the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, used by the precolumbian Maya civilization, and known by them and by the Aztecs as the Fifth Sun, completes a "great cycle" of thirteen b'ak'tuns. This means that since the last creation date on August 11 3114. or in the Long Count calculation, the  "clock hand" will have reached again for the first time, marking the completion of this cycle.

Yet this cycle, lasting c. 5125 years, is just one last (fifth) part of an even longer cycle that turns out to be the same as the Great Year. Knowledge of the Great Year is found in other ancient astrological-astronomical records (i.e. in India). So with further study the Mayan calendar End Date finds roots in other cultures too. With the ending of the last part of this age, the Mesoamerican cycle of five ages also completes. Herewith a large time period of 5 x 5,125 (c. 25,625  years) is also drawing to a close.

There are variations in calculating the length of the Great Year, but it is usually considered between 25 and 26,000 years long. In mathematical calculations also found in ancient texts, it is often rounded to 25,920 years. Wikipedia gives 25,765 years for one Great Year based on the present rate of a "precession."  Precession is based in an apparent motion of the stars in the zodiac belt around the Earth, and this in turn is caused by the Earth's wobbly orbit. The starry zodiac pictures seem to precess, move backward, over the spring ( vernal) equinox point by about 1° in c. 72 years. As the Sun and other heaveny bodies also move along the ecliptic  which is within this zodiac belt, this results in the fact that after approximately every 2,160 years the Sun appears to rise over the horizon in a different constellation giving us also a division into twelve Great Ages in one Great Year. At present we are in a transition from the Vernal Age of Pisces (because the Pisces constellation is on the spring or vernal equinox when the Sun rises and the Vernal Age of Aquarius because the zodiac appears to move backward - or "precess" in that direction. Taking 2160 years and multiplying by 12 constellations gives us the traditional length of the Great Year cycle: 25,920 years, but as the speed of this precession varies, the exact length of the Great Year cannot be implied from the present motion and 25,625 years, given by adding together the Five Great Ages of the Maya, is also within the acceptable parameter.

 Yet why did the Maya supposedly end their calendar on the 21st December 2012? What is so special about this date? Moreover, does the supposed completion of their cycle really suggest a massive disaster? If so why? How can we be sure that the Mayan priests were really referencing this same cycle we have spoken of and why might its end be associated with disaster? If so, where will it strike? Will it be the "End of the World" or just the end of one "great age" and the start of a new one? Will we throw this calendar in the bin and forget it, or will humanity be thrown in the bin and forgotten?

I have studied these questions intensively since discovering in February 2005 that the Tsunami on 26th December 2004 and the Mayan End Date on 21st December 2012 are connected to one and the same causal factor. In fact I go so far as to say that the causal factor discovered is the root of all that we experience as disaster on Earth, so in a sense the "root of all evil".



The wreckage after the Tsunami 2004 in a village in Sumatra

This long hidden factor was not only causal in the worst earthquakes  in history but  I can now add that it will be the reason for any increase in catastrophic changes connected to climate,  to wars and to a variety of other ills, at the end of this Great Year cycle.


 Does anybody know what is coming and if so why dont they tell us?


Before continuing with my explanation of why the Mayan calendar is really marking a crucial End Point in the Great Year cycle, I must add that there are some who know or knew something about what is approaching  and are in turn using this special knowledge in a manipulative manner. The reason we do not all know is that we have fallen from a once much more comprehensive understanding of the Great Year and of the factor ruling it, and this has been deliberately encouraged by an Elite who wish this knowledge to remain a Mystery to the Masses. Now only a very few have inherited, or searched out, some remaining scraps of knowledge found far from the path of mainstream education.

Certain members at least of the Roman Catholic Church are or were "in the know" and an education in ancient Greek and Latin texts certainly reveals much that is lost to us through translation.

Pope Leo IX (Pope from 1513-1522) wrote in 1514 of what is coming: "I will not see the end of the world, nor will you my brethren, for its time is long in the future, 500 years hence." 500 years hence would be 2014, just two years after the Mayan Prophecy End Date, and as Leo was obviously rounding the date to a full sum, it is possible he is even referring to the year 2012.

This closeness between the earlier Mayan Priests knowledge of an "End date" and the knowledge of the "head priest" of the Roman Catholic Church can certainly be no coincidence? If they both refer to the same End, are we talking about more than the end of a calendar? Are they telling us about a complete destruction of planet Earth? If there was once knowledge of such significant events, as many prophecies suggest, even those of the Bible, who should keep it safe better than Rome's elite who conquered so much of the world and absorbed so many sacred texts, whose priests learned important works so perfectly that they were capable of rewriting them from memory if the library be destroyed. Even writings supposedly from and illustrated by Nostradamus, hidden for years in the Vatican library and recently made public, show knowledge of a cycle such as the Mayan Prophecy describes. The last word in his newly discovered book shows a white page as if all has been erased, erased for a new beginning?

Also the last Pope, John Paul, knew about and obviously believed a prediction of some coming future disaster.  So why didnt he and the Church share that information? In response to questions about a third part of the Fatima Prophecy (that had been entrusted to the Church and not passed on to the people), he told a small German audience in November 1980 something that was published in Stimme des Glaubens:

"It should be sufficient for all Christians to know this much: if there is a message in which it is said that the oceans will flood entire sections of the earth... there is no longer any point in really wanting to publish this secret message".

 Just consider that you were in such an important position as he was and would tell the world about a massive catastrophe? What panic would break out! Yet the Fatima Prophecy was meant to be shared, so that one could save oneself. Now it has supposedly been released to the people, this third part of the prophecy, but with no mention of such a flood. Why should John Paul make up the story?

 Jesus too compared what lies before us to the earlier great catastrophe of Noah's Flood, saying "For as in the days that were before the Flood,... so shall the coming of the Son of Man be." Matthew 24:38-9. Yet here in Matthew 24 we have a clue that what lies before is not the complete End of the World (though sometimes translated as such), for the word used to tell of this end is the Greek word eon, which is a great age, so a great age is ending as he tells us in a tribulation. We also hear in this most serious part of the Bible, and told supposedly by Jesus to his twelve disciples after direct questioning about what is to come, that this time is not just about a disastrous end but of a "coming...". Many times we here references to the coming or return of a Man, a "Son of Man", also called the Bridegroom, who will supposedly return at midnight.

What lies before us is not merely "the End of the World", for which any material preparation would indeed be senseless. We are at an omega-alpha point, but a very big one, one that may indeed flood major areas. Supposedly the answer to all our problems and all we need to know can be found out by reading the Bible.

So what is the Bible about? It is largely a book of prophecy about a coming series of disasters in the future. Why should we want to read something like that? The reason to keep reading and hoping is that all the disasters, small and large, and all our individual sufferings and scurfed knees, are leading us closer to a New Earth, a better world, in fact even a Heaven on Earth where there will be no more hurting knees and even death will be overcome.

The Bible is telling us, the Last Generation, how one can save one's soul and possibly even one's body from this disastrus period. Later I will show why the Mayan Prophecy and the Bible Prophecy are both referring to the same Mystery surrounding the same Omega-Alpha period in the Great Year cycle.

 One might indeed call what will be created, after the chaos, a "New World Order" such as recent politicians claim they want to create. Yet in reality, as the top Roscrucian, Freemason and Illuminati priests must know, it is the Volcanic Gods who are and were always largely responsible each time around for bringing these Omega-Alpha events to Earth. Those in the know, served by their "Volcano Priests", have long been making plans for what is to come and building underground shelters.

The Denver International Airport is built at high altitudes in the Rocky mountains and has a number of anomalies, like its large underground facility, suggesting that an elite group, who have left clear signiatures to their handicraft and have bought land and houses in this area, know of a coming disaster that they hope to survive.

   I believe this painting below, from the new Denver International Airport, is one of a number at the airport sharing with those capable of reading it, a message about a return to good after a period of disaster.



 This Denver International Airport painting "In Peace and Harmony With Nature" is one of a series of pictures, many of which show disastrous events that people visiting the airport were shocked to see (click on link).

This painting seems to suggest a return to a kind of "Garden of Eden". What is that colourful plant rising out of the hill with a light around it, to which all are rushing? I personally feel there is an awareness in the painter, and in those who commissioned it, of the volcanic return of the mountain of the Golden Age

 Certainly the above painting that at the airport is surrounded by Freemasonic symbolism (shown also in youtube videosincludes also Mayan symbolism, with its Quetzal bird rising above a glowing hill and its jaguars reclining in the background, and so it connects the Secret Elite Agenda with the Mayan Prophecy in a quite obvious manner.  

However, what is the hidden mysterious factor at the root behind these messages that I discovered through a disaster on Earth in December 2004? Certainly, even without knowing what this factor is, we see in the Airport paintings, as with the Mayan and other Prophecies, the message both of a coming disaster as also of a joyful return to good. Out of this evil will be born a new and better world...eventually a Golden Age. This can be explained by understanding the principles involved in the Great Year cycle and the part played by the mystery piece -  the lost factor.

A major breakthrough for me, that came after four years research for my book, was discovering that this factor, and its Great Year story was connected to the knowledge of the rise and fall of the particular aforementioned volcanic mountain, a mountain that represented much more than we can now imagine, it was a holy mountain where dwelled the gods, and it was a symbol of the Golden Age on Earth and of the life and of the soul of man. It was a paradise once lost that would be regained, it was the very heart of a Holy Ancient Mystery.

Nevertheless, whether the people who created Denver International Airport, or any of a number of other people, priests or Secret Fraternities, knew or know what is coming, may remain a matter of conjecture. The truth is, it doesnt really matter if each case of foreknowledge is correct, or not. What I hope to show here is that there is a scientific basis for the prophecies of coming disasters and also for the prophecies concerning the return of some man-god like figure. For this understanding is founded on laws and principles that allow for such a long term prediction.

The answers found in five years of intensive research from 2005 were also the fruits and confirmation gathered from a tree planted thirty four years earlier. They convince me most adamantly that the decade from 2010 to 2020 will bring an intensification of  "disasters" of all kinds. Also December will be a particularly dangerous month in these years, most likely bringing earthquakes that in turn are birth pains leading to volcanic eruptions.

However, I am not saying that 2012 will bring the end of the world. But between End of the World and complete denial of what is occurring,  less than two years before 2012, there seems to be little to choose. I can hardly believe it. Even now, as earthquakes shake many parts of the world, most seem unwilling to accept that we are in a disastrous period. Even those who are measuring the earthquakes seem unable to  see what is happening and are clinging to strange straws requiring them to contort in quite ridiculous poses as the waters rise.

I can only assume it is a mixture of fear combined with an uncertainty of the exact nature of what will come, and of what one can or should do, that is paralyzing people. Yet let us use the eagle's far vision to see land ahead. The main proofs that life on Earth will continue after this "event horizon" is that all prophecies of a coming disastrous period speak of a return, a long awaited return to good, a coming "Golden Age".  This is true for native tribes all over the American continent (Hopi, Navajo, Lakota, Aztec, Q'ero, Mayan, Cherokee, etc)  as also those on the Asian continent, (India, Tibet) as also parts of Europe and Scandinavia (Norse).

I must admit that, even after reading the book, The Orion Prophecy by Patrick Geryl, I am still not sure whether there will be a north south pole-shift or crustal displacement leading to the Earth spinning in the other direction in 2012, something that might result in tsunami waves of over 2 km in height. This would certainly bring a catastrophe of such dimensions that truly only a handful, if any, on the surface of the planet might survive. Geryl notes that Plato refers to a pole shift in his work Politicus: "In certain periods, the universe has its present rotating movement and in other periods it turns in the opposite direction… Of all the changes that take place in the sky, this reversal is the biggest and the most complete." Some of my research supports Geryl's findings while other important details do not. Basically I do not have enough certain evidence for that, and moreover I have one reason for clinging to light in the future.



My own discoveries do speak with certainty of severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, with likely tsunamis, landslides, floods and other weather disturbances that will have a disintegrative effect on civilization and particularly on certain areas of the globe. Also other people's discoveries and predictions arising from a wide variety of sources often without knowledge of the Mayan Prophecy, have focussed on some kind of disastrous event connected to 2012: people with near-death experiences for instance like Dannion Brinkley tell there own versions of what is coming. Geoff Stray's little book "2012 In Your Pocket" is very useful to see all these views under one cover. Of course I am human too and hope that we may have more time, a few hundred years would be fine, to strut and fret upon this stage before the final curtain. Still whether the crunch does come in 2012 or a little later, we will find that the principles behind the Great Year and its disastrous end is unveiled by my discovery. Nor will the disastrous "tribulation" be without purpose. In fact it will mark the birth pains of a "Second Coming".


For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.

There will be earthquakes in various places.

There will be famines and troubles.

These things are the beginning of birth pains.

Mark 13.8 World English Bible (also in Matthew 24)


Yet where others may quote the Bible and give no supporting evidence or understanding, I will go for proving why this is true by adding some missing details.

 The  prophecy of a "Second Coming" connected to the end of the age we are living in is found in Mayan and in Bible Prophecies. The most famous candidates for such a return are Jesus and Quetzalcoatl. Yet there are a number of other names given for the one or ones returning, but the the similarites between the differently named figures bridge many cultures. The Maya, Aztec and Inca cultures all know of a god-human who has been here before and is thought to return bringing a good period on Earth. They call him Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan and Viracocha, respectively.

  Let us stay with the Maya here. The Tortuguero Monument 6 from the seventh century is one stone monument mentioning the End Date December 21 2012, or the end of the 13th Baktun. It suggests the return of not one figure alone but of  nine gods  However large chunks of the prophecy are unreadable:

Tzuhtz-(a)j-oom u(y)-uxlajuun pik
(ta) Chan Ajaw ux(-te') Uniiw.
Uht-oom ?
Y-em(al)?? Bolon Yookte' K'uh ta 

This translates to:

"The Thirteenth 'Bak'tun" will be finished
(on) Four Ajaw, the Third of Uniiw (K'ank'in).
? will occur.
(It will be) the descent(??) of the Nine Support? God(s) to the ?."

  So we have here a prophecy of the return, possibly in December 2012, of Nine Support Gods. Sometimes these Nine are seen as Nine in One god like figure, Bolon Yookte' K'uh. I have written on the Nine in more detail elsewhere, but they were Lords of the Underworld. One possible word connected to this prophecy could be the word "darkness" before "will occur", but otherwise there is not much intimation of a disaster...that is, unless one understands the nature of the Nine.

Mention of  nine godlike figures is found in many ancient cultures - Maya, Egyptian, Chinese and Tibetan and I will not beat around the burning bush, if you do enough reading of the ancient texts it is quite clear that these Nine were volcanic mountains, or perhaps more correctly the Nine main tectonic sections of the whole Earth. They were connected to a  very ancient plan that has been copied and kept alive in different areas of the world  (you may begin to recognize the connection by reading such articles as the following link on Nine Tibetan Mountain Gods, or may later written article The Mayan Prophecy is a Volcanic Prophecy - Return of the Nine. The Return, as one might expect, of fallen or lost mountains, might cause a certain amount of earthquakes, tsunamis and eruptions. Moreover they were connected in the plan to one central volcanic mountain that marked the centre of the whole Earth, a mountain that has completely disappeared, sunk below the seas and into our own subcosnscious, it was this central mountain whose underworld aspect was seen as Bolon Yokte Ku and was the same in his more positive aspect as Kukulkan.

Just in case the idea of a sudden volcanic return, perhaps in 2012, sounds rather incredible, you might remember that shortly after the Indian Ocean Earthquake a number of volcanoes began erupting on one day in January 2005.

 The knowlege of the return of the Nine and a central ruling factor - Bolon Yokte Ku - is connected to an ancient global understanding shared by all deeply rooted cultures or at least their priests, for which I  will give more proof later.  The description in the Chilam Balam or Jaguar Priest texts, created after the arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century, but thought to refer to the older Long Count prophecies of 2012 (according to Geoff Stray), is more revealing in terms of the volcanic mountain connection. However, one seeming confusion could come through the idea that they are going to descend. The Chilam balam texts (Tizimin p 16 Makemson) transforms the above idea of a possible descent into a more likely ascent or arising.

Here in these texts we are told "the Nine shall arise in sorrow, alas... And when over the dark sea I shall be lifted up in a chalice of fire, to that generation there will come the day of withered fruit. There will be rain. The face of the sun shall be extinguished because of the great tempests...Further we are told about the coming of Kukulkan "The quetzal shall come, the green bird shall come... Blood vomit shall come. Kukulkan shall come with them for the second time. (It is) the word of God." All  this, as many other ancient texts related to the End Time, describe what happens when volcanoes erupt:  the chalice of fire, withered fruits, rain, tempest, sun extinguished and blood vomit = lava.

Reading Revelations, with its cup of God's wrath, its scarlet beast, its hail and opening of an abyss, also contributed enormously to my understanding that we are dealing with a volcanic disaster and John's Revelation also revealed where it would occur. Nevertheless, I approached these texts with some parts of the plan in tact which will be added for you later.

Particularly I see this period as about a shared prophecy once known all over the world. A prophecy related to the understanding of the great cycle affecting the nature of our planet Earth, which I go on to explain. The "One Story" stars this one extremely high volcano in particular that formed a holy mountain in the Golden Age before it fell. Moreover this mountain represented also mankind and his soul, so that its return has an implication for the soul.

The rise and fall of this central mountain is what the Mystery of the Great Year is all about. This holy volcanic mountain is often thought even to be a man, a Cosmic Man (Purusha), a king ( who has been asleep inside a mountain) or sometimes a god or son of a god, a god-king or even a son of man, sometimes he is refferred to as a tree, the branch or shoot of a tree or he holds a rod, staff, flail or club, sometimes he is associated with snakes or even flying serpents. The lost missing factor explains the connection between all these symbols.

On Earth all the Mysteries are centred on this volcanic mountain that  is described in Revelation 17, that " was, and is not, and is about to come up out of the abyss and go into perdition." and elsewhere described as the "son of perdition".  In Isaiah 14 it takes the form of a rod: And there shall come forth a rod (or shoot) out of the stem (or stump) of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots".  There were many pseudonyms for the central volcano that was visualized as a  sort of stone tree, trees can grow as volcanoes do. Incidentally the Stele of the Maya on which they wrote their messages were "Stone Trees" too and Bolon Yokte Ku can also be translated as a Nine Footed Tree God, with Te being their word for Tree and the whole Monument 6 was in fact written on a Tau shaped or tree shaped monument. A tree, rod or staff were popular images because this was a very high mountain at one time, that reached into the heavens, one more like an obelisk or pillar in form.

Different lands had different  kinds of tall trees representing this World Tree mountain, in the ancient Mayan highlands of Atitlan, their cosmology centred on a large extinct volcanic crater lake and a volcano guardian god seen as a Flowering Mountain-Tree. I do not wish to denegrate sacred texts and say they were merely talking about natural events, for indeed there is a spiritual and human level to this story, which will be added to the cake mixture a bit later and also natural and supernatural are linked in ways we can barely comprehend.

It is the volcanic return of the central mountain that is associated with a number of beasts and birds, flying dragon-serpents in different myths around the world, as also with the return of a king. This volcanic return may poison the world like a viper with its volcanic emissions at first, but in the long  term, and for those in a safe place, it is a cause for joy - even rapture - the fulfillment of an ancient Covenant. Of course the fall of this high mountain caused a terrible disaster on Earth, but Isiaiah warns the natives not to be too sure that when that rod like mountain fell that it would stay fallen or broken forever and he predicts its fiery return.

Isaiah 14:29: "Do not rejoice, all you of Philistia, because the rod that struck you is broken; for out of the serpent's roots will come a viper, and its offspring will be a fiery flying serpent."
 Isaiah is telling us that the high volcanic mountain that fell and struck the nations will return. Volcanoes can always be reborn, they are masters of repeated "Comings" even though they seemed to be dead for hundreds or even thousands of years. They are the true keepers of time and we are just beginning to understand that they erupt at regular intervals connected to heavenly conditions and cycles.
The Mayan jaguar priests, like other priests the world over, once served these volcano god-kings, and particularly the one God or King of the Gods on Earth in his World Mountain. or he represented Heaven on Earth and was associated with a particuar aspect of the heavens even if this has been forgotten.  It may surprise you to hear that Jesus was also associated with both the serpent and the panther and through them of course, unkown to us also to the volcano, which is why his eyes are sometimes like pools of fire, his tongue like a flaming sword,  and why he has been pictured standing surrounded by a blazing light on the top of a mountain.
Let us stay for a moment with the image of a fiery flying serpent. This is exactly the form given often to Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan whose serpent form is shown on the Kukulkan Temple of Chichen Itza. Both were seen as part bird and part serpent. Even the Cherokee have a similar prophecy of the return of a flying snake. For them it is the rattlesnake, also associated with Kukulkan. The rattlesnake was associated with the constellation Sagittarius for the Cherokee.This is the Chickamaugan Prophecy”. As with the Bible Prophecy and the Mayan Prophecy this is associated with Venus, the Morning Star and with the belief in a return in 2012.
Yet because no one understood how to interpret such ideas they have fallen by the wayside, or become "myths". I must ask you to "believe" me in all this, until the holes in the knowledge are sufficiently filled with further information.

 In a coming book whose working title is "ATLANTIS-MERU RISING - Volcanic Return in 2012 and a lost galactic-volcanic plan" I hope to prove what awaits us. The volcano is shown in the illustration at the top of the page, as well as maybe suggested in the painting above at the Denver Airport. It is the volcanic nature of this return that will cause the greatest disasters, either directly or through the accompanying earthquakes, tsunamis and so on.  For the north west hemisphere one of the more serious consequences will be a Great Winter, with north east America thrown back into an ice age. This could occur in a  few hundred year period, but may come suddenly within this decade.

More details of how I came to this position will be given later and are also recorded in the book "THE GALACTIC CENTRE 2012 and the Great Waves Coming in December" (available through Lulu.com or at present more expensively at amazon.com).



However, I will attempt to tell here something of what led me to these dire, and yet in the long term hopeful prophecies, with  a Great Year vision of a return to good, a return long promised in ancient texts and referred to in some (i.e. Enoch) as the fulfillment of a Covenant between God and Man.

First to my background as it is relevant here.  I began learning about astrology and other related esoteric sciences at the age of sixteen, over thirty years ago. Yet this only supplied me with the germ of what I would need to know and there was a sense of urgency. I also read the I Ching, mythology (i.e. Joseph Campbell) and sacred texts from around the world combining these with what I learned through university study of english and philosophy. Even when working in other fields I continued research in this area in all my spare time and was somehow always working  to understand how the world functioned, seeking a plan behind it all.

Yet for this plan to function, an important part had been missing. The esoteric sciences in themselves seemed to have no perfect plan: they were just broken pieces;  flotsam swirling in a discredited sea of "mystery" and dwindling belief, bashing occasionally against a jetsam of "scientific" theories that suggested increasingly the past was wrong and that the future could offer nothing better. Result: we are awash in a meaningless universe of quantum chaos in which matter is not real and even "cause and effect" is a dying principle one can no longer cling to. 

I can now say that we got into this mess because we  lost all understanding of the Great Year cycle and confidence in that which supports its existence. We have in fact lost any sense of there being any kind of plan in how the world around us functions at all.  All that was left us in the modern "civilization" a civilization that ruled and destroyed all else, after Darwin's evolutionary theory in the 19th century and Nietzsche's  observation of the "death of God" at the turn to the 20th century, was the existentialist philosophy expresssed so well in the book title: "Nausea" by Jean-Paul Sartre: each individual was left alone, spinning around in a meaningless void. The gods and goddesses, kings and queens, were thrown down by new democracies and communist societies, and with them fell the guardian priests and learned people of our past.

Yet recovering the missing part, of which all memory seemed lost, revealed to me a central mechanism behind the Great Plan, making sense again of the ancient ideas: ideas suggesting that nothing occurs by accident; all can indeed be known thousands of years in advance.

Unfortunately much of the "western world" has a strong aversion to such "plans", which of course prevents them finding any.  It is also no accident that the plan has been lost. It has also been deliberately destroyed by modern man. Today's man would rather enjoy the idea of free will, which is dependent on their being no plan to rule him. free will is a concept which he has created to help keep his head above water at the price of enormous ignorance and only through the force of wishful thinking in a vaccuum of understanding caused by his own largely unconscious suffering in the void. Only to those who are ready to let go of the idea that each man is an island and reach out and reconnect to the greater meaning, may all this be of any interest. 




The  Great Year cycle contains two particular "moments" of dramatic change within it. The first catastrophic transition period can be visualized as at the top of a wheel, where the motion of life on the wheel having been of an ascending nature reaches its highest peak and the wheel moves it over the top so it begins to fall down. This occurred half a Great Year ago c. 12,500 BP. So that the best word to describe what happened at this time of reversal is that a period of ascent ended in  the beginning of a "Fall". This was a fall that affected the soul of man but also a great mountain called Lucifer and described even as a mortal man.

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer , son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground ... You said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven; above the stars of God I will set my throne on high; I will sit on the mount of assembly.... I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will make myself like the Most High.’ But you are brought down to Sheol, to the depths of the Pit. Those who see you will stare at you, and ponder over you: ‘Is this the man who made the earth tremble, who shook kingdoms, 17 who made the world like a desert and overthrew its cities...?’ Isaiah14:12-16

This is the mountain that Isaiah describes elswhere as a rod, and it is the tree with the serpent's roots that will become again a fiery flying serpent. I believe I can prove all this to you as it is beyond any doubt. The Fall really occurred which I can explain by drawing on my magic lost factor and a sprinkling of mythology. I apologize if I sound like a fanatical Christian but the Bible seems to express best in words this Great Year cycle. It is good that these ancient texts have found a way to survive until they might be understood again.

The next reversal in the wheel's motion is at the base of the wheel, where anything attached to that wheel ends its falling and begins an ascending period. This is where we are now and what 2012 represents. This phase is also referred to in the Bible. In Thessalons  we are told in the King James version that the day of the lord cannot come, " except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition." As man and mountain were seen as reflections of each other this destructive and sinful man, like the one in Isaiah 14 who was brought down to the depths of the Pit and made the earth tremble, represented this enormous volcanic mountain which could not rise again until the wheel reach the end of its falling period in the Great Year cycle. That is why we hear in John 3:14 the strange remark that "Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the Son of Man must be lifted up." For this volcanic mountain was associated both with snake, serpent and dragon power as also with Man and so the Son of Man was a mountain - the central mountain and another version of Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, Bolon Yokte Ku etc., etc.

So that after a falling away comes some terrible destruction associated with the Son of Perdition (destruction) and then comes  a rising up again associated to a snake (serpent-dragon) and the coming new age of the Son of Man.

Elements of such a wheel are shown in the moving "gif" picture at the beginning of this writing and details are added below. We are at the base of the wheel in the 2012 period. The pictures, above and below, are taken largely from a Tibetan Wheel of Transformation supposed to illustrate the soul's journey. But such a wheel tells a lot more, it shows the whole history of the Great Year cycle, our past and our future and the fall and rise of the soul through this whole period of time as welll as the nature of the natural disasters that occur in two places, at the top and bottom of the wheel.

We are now at the base of the wheel between the head and tail of the ouroboros dragon-serpent monster (as shown in that first picture of the erupting volcano),  a base where the spirit has fallen furthest from heavenly grace. Yet this is the very place where a descending half of the Great Year cycle transforms to an ascending half and bad turns to good.

The picture decribes a plan, a mechanical motion in time, which includes ascent and fall,  to which one can add a spiritual, moral or religious connotation. Such wheels were common ways of understanding the Great Year - once upon a time, a method to which it seems the Bible was not immune.



 This Tibetan Wheel of Transmigration shows a figure holding it that has been identified as Shiva, as a demon called Mara and even as a goddess


The wheel in the original would be divided into eight sections - or have eight spokes - that is if the vertical spoke were shown. But instead  of a fourth vertical line, that would have made it an eight spoked wheel, we have a kind of partial natural spoke: elements of a  volcano below, and above a mountain and raised temple. I admit in the original they are not that clear so I have placed a drawing above. (  Perhaps the volcano erupting at the base represents the eighth spoke in which case the Bible's Revelation would take on a new sense "And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition - I would translate perdition as eruption! and the beast in the Bible is associated with two cat images given the head of a lion and the body of a leopard, it is no coincidence that below this erupting volcano we find the paws of a tiger, nor is it a coincidence that the paw of the jaguar was found imprinted in Mayan art work at the base of a tree. It is no coincidence that at the centre of the wheel we find an image of a snake connected to a bird and so on...) At the top of the wheel the demonic three-eyed "goddess", or the male god Shiva, (who can nevertheless never truly be seperated from his female half in Shakti), is biting into the  central mountain of three mountains or one part of a trimurti mountain. Again about this triple image, this tripartite mountain whole books could be written. Also these three mountains look uncannily like the three pyramids at Giza, don't they? In the plan that unfolds this leaves no room for "coincidence" for they are representing the same principle and image (which again will be explained later).

Below, between the legs of the demonic figure, above a tigers tail and between two other mountains or hills or islands - in a sort of womb area) the volcano is erupting. I see this as the remains (stump) of the  volcanic mountain bitten off or fallen, as "Lucifer" fell half a Great Year ago. This was a high mountain that  rose to heaven and that formed the vertical axis or axis mundi of our world.  This Great Year Reality is much more exciting then our more short-sighted present realities  usually ever  give cause to imagine. The rebirth or return associated with this volcano will bring good, even though its eruption will first cause apocalyptic disaster. The vertical axis that this mountain-temple-volcano marks, signifies also the place of our missing factor that will explain the Great Year. How else could so much information be packed together than in such a wheel, knowing what is contained I fell admiration for its creators whose greatest gift was a good memory, a memory that remained alive in the very cells of the body that was held pure above all other considerations: all worldly pursuits and ambitions would have distracted and so destroyed it.

That something powerful occurs at the time when the wheel passes its vertical moment is suggested  by the fact that on the right side of the almost invisible vertical division people are seen falling against a dark background and on the left side they are rising again, even one might say levitating, in a much brighter, happier looking better-clothed and more composed condition. This should give us some idea of the significance of the transition we are in. I will go on to explain why we are at the base of the wheel, at the end of the dark period and the beginning of the light period, a position where the cycle is marked by an erupting volcano.

 This particular Wheel of Transmigration from Tibet is now in The American Museum of Natural History, and on the cover of a book by Joseph Campbell.  It is good that Joseph Campbell wrote, and that the Museum now has this work, for Tibet, high in the mountains  and inhabited only by peaceful monks and poor people and yaks, was once the ideal place to keep such knowledge alive, but no longer. I will never forget  in the film "Seven Years in Tibet" the invasion of the Chinese communists and the flight of the Dalai Lama, as the Chinese military entered the temple, how they kicked and destroyed the sand of a painting of one of these great wheels of our collective memory. Yet, of course that was not the only way that the understanding has been and still is being destroyed. Joseph Campbell tells of the horrors of the Chinese tortures inflicted on these people.

Now even this last refuge of the great plan is threatened.

However, for you to see this wheel and its message as I do and to prove that this wheel really is about the Great Year, and that the base is really around about 2012, I am moving too fast. This is only supportable if you take the path I took which is a long one, but now less impeded by overgrowth, and  allow me to revive important connections the wheel makes to astrology and then to the I Ching and the concept of Yin and Yang.




The first part of my discovery was of an astrological-astronomical  nature. I must ask you not to worry about understanding astrology that well, for the basic plan can be gripped without astrological knowledge, if you just keep going :). Yet for me the astrology opened the door to allow the other mythological and cosmological elements to move into their rightful places. On comparing the astrological chart of the Tsunami in 2004 with other worst-ever disasters, I noticed that a great number of them showed heavenly bodies, particularly Sun or Moon, close to the solstice areas of the astrological chart. (The summer solstice lies between the tropical signs of Gemini and Cancer, the Sun passes over this, its strongest position in the northern hemisphere, on 21-22 June and reaches its weakest position, the winter solstice  between the signs Sagittarius and Capricorn on 21- 22 December of each year). 

This line up of heavenly bodies to within a few degrees of the solstice axis was found in such worst disasters as the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami on 26 December 2004, with circa 230,000 fatalities, as also exactly one year before the eathquake in Bam, Iran on 26 December 2003 with over 30,000 fatalities. It also occurred by the famous eruption of the volcano Krakatau on 26 August 1883 (Moon and Mars at the summer solstice), where over 30,000 were killed by a tsunami, and even by the World Trade Centre disaster on 9/11 2001 (Moon and North Node at summer solstice), when over 4000 died. One could throw in the symbolically significant sinking of the Titanic, which showed Mars and Pluto at the summer solstice.

In fact I went on to study hundreds of cases of the worst disasters in history which showed  a similar pattern. In some cases, like the Tsunami, heavenly bodies were found at both ends of the solstice axis.

I suspected a missing piece in my astrological puzzle, the presence of a "Planet X", but never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what this missing factor would turn out to be.

 Below you see just a few of the disasters connected to the Sun or  Moon at the solstice axis in December or with the Moon conjunct the solstice axis in June or December.



Some worst disasters like the eruption of Krakatau and some large and deadly earthquakes and aviation disasters, showing the Moon or Sun close to the solstice axis


The most useful clue to finding my missing piece was the fact that two disastrous earthquakes had occurred in two repeating Decembers, on the same date in 2003 and 2004. I remembered reading Graham Hancock's book "Fingerprints of the Gods", published in 1995. He had told of the Mayan Prophecy and a disaster in a coming December: an "End of the World" disaster. I wondered if there was a connection.

I gave the date 21 December 2012 to Google and came up with an article by John Major Jenkins: " The How and Why of the Mayan End Date in 2012 A.D." (originally published in The Mountain Astrologer in Dec-Jan. 1994-5).

Jenkins explained that the work of Linda Schele suggested that this End Date was based on the ancient Maya's knowledge of the Earth's relation to the centre of the Milky Way galaxy.



Centre of the Milky Way Galaxy. Courtesy NASA, JPL-Caltech, S. Stolovy (SSC/Caltech)


That our galaxy has a centre was only discovered by modern science in the last century. Just in the last decades are we beginning to find out its nature, and only in the very last few years have we become able or interested enough to create such amazing pictures of this part of the heavens, for the Galactic Centre is about 26,000 light years away from us and largely veiled from view.

Yet if Schele and Jenkins were right, then the Maya knew about the centre of our galaxy over a thousand years ago and used it to calculate the length of ages and Great Year cycles. Is there any reason we should believe that?

The  first reason to believe that they knew and might have used it, is that we are beginning to discover the Maya were more "advanced" in many ways than we have given them credit for.  They wrote books called codices, though only a few of them have survived the Spanish conquest and, as we hack deeper into the jungle and piece together the remains,  we find they had amazing engineering and architectural abilities. 


This temple with its serpents representing Kukulkun that throws a moving shadow as if a serpent is moving down the pyramid has been said to have been built in this place for one date - 2012


But more than anything  else, the Mayan priests  over 1,300 years ago, were  astronomer-astrologers  specialized in the keeping of  "time" through tracking the positions of heavenly bodies. They were knowledgeable of a large number of calendars with which they could make most correct predictions of eclipses and Venus cycles etc, more correct than even we have been capable of. Further, they could use their knowledge of the regular heavenly motions to predict events that would occur on Earth in the future. For instance, there is now a large amount of information in the internet showing that the Mesoamericans knew when the "Spanish" arrival would occur and also that it would throw them into a Dark Age.

Another even better reason to believe in their calculations and knowledge related to the Galactic Centre, is how they incorporated this knowledge into their monuments. John Major Jenkins has done an enormous amount of very significant work to show exactly how the ancient Maya integrated the Galactic Centre alignments with their monuments on Earth, as also to a very serious and strenuous ball game they played, in which one could lose one's head. The goal of the ball court is now thought to have represented the Galactic Centre and the ball, of course, was the Sun.



Chichen Itza Ballcourt  Goal significantly showing two intertwined serpents facing each other

 photo by Kåre Thor Olsen in 2002


The Maya saw the Sun as being born as it passed through the dark rift where the centre of the Milky Way was found. 



John Major Jenkins discovery that for the Maya  calendar end date on 21 December 2012 and the beginning of a new age or "Sun" was about the rising of the Sun out of the dark rift - crocodile/monster  mouth  at the Galactic Centre. The Sun's passage along the eciptic crossed at the winter solstice the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy once in a Great Year cycle


They envisaged the Galactic Centre as a devouring monster mouth as also a life-giving womb. One ancient site with ball court and other meaningful monuments that gives further clues is found at Izapa. Here the heavenly image is reflected in an earthly one in which the king's throne, aligned to the Sun rising in the Galactic Centre, displayed such a monster mouth  as well as splayed legs - a birthing position.






  My own drawing of the Izapan Ballcourt and a monument found there  called Stele II showing Hun Hunahpu rising out of the mouth of some toad like monster mouth like a crucified Jesus with what likes flames behind him. He has also been associated with the winter solstice sun which rises from the mouth of the monstrous Galactic Centre to which the ball court with its throne - also showing a sun born out of a monster mouth and a birthing "hocker "position. The site is also aligned to the Tacoma volcano


I am no Mayan specialist. For further understanding of this alignment I can heartily recommend John Major Jenkins book GALACTIC ALIGNMENT The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic Traditions, which can be bought directly from his informative website.

Although agreeing with much that Jenkins writes, I unfortunately discovered good reason to see this alignment as more than a mere transformation of "consciousness" and must note that Jenkins has chosen to avoid certain conclusions that his research and discoveries would normally have brought him too, if  maybe it had not been for his  expressed commitment to "free will". Yet there seems to be a distinct avoidance in "PYRAMID OF FIRE The Lost Aztec Codex" in which the Aztec priests knowledge of astronomy-astrology and the great cycle is recorded and is quite distinctly telling of a coming "event" that I see as obviously volcanic and that he seems to wilfully transmute, castrating it of its catastrophic content.

(Sigmund Freud noted the special ability of humans, who with all their intelligence were more capable than any other creature of censoring unwanted material and so deluding others and even themselves).

An alignment between the centre of our galaxy and the winter solstice Sun would be an ideal position to end a Great Year cycle.  That is if the Galactic centre and solstice indeed can be seen to meet in 2012, which seems to be only very roughly the case. Yet a solar year is often thought to end when the Sun reaches the winter solstice, and in the Great Year,  one galactic year might easily  be thought to reach its end when the Sun passes into the mouth of the Galactic Centre at the winter solstice. The Sun is at its sun stand still point- sol-stice - after a period of weakening in the autumn, in which it grows dark in the northern hemisphere at the winter solstice. One might even see this darkest moment of the year as the time of the Sun's death. Afterward, after three days of still stand, the Sun begins it return to us and the days grow longer again, so it might indeed make sense to end the Great Year on 21 December  2012 if that is the date these two can be truly said to align. If not then the rough algnment may be seen to be strengthened by other factors in this year.

Jesus is just one of many incarnate gods or demi god figures of our past, whose birthday was worshipped about three days after the solstice as the Sun begins its return. Could this be the reason for a number of prophecies of some good and godly figure returning at the end of the age, a conviction that is found in religions and sacred traditions all over the world? This might mean we are on the verge of a Galactic Christmas, Saturnalia or Sol Invictus celebration, but  it does not directly suggest any great disaster.

So what else do we know about our galaxy and the Earth's relation to it? Well for one thing the Milky Way galaxy is huge and the Earth and all on it must be influenced by it when you consider how the whole thing is swirling around that one centre. The Maya supposedly referred to the Galactic Centre as Hunab Ku,  who they called "ruler of all movement and measure". How true that must be if you consider that all suns and planets move around the centre - Hunab Ku - of the Milky Way. Yet Hunab Ku is a later syncretic construct after the Christian invasion and following the origins back we come to a god named Itzamna, where Itzam is the name for a crocodile or caiman.





 Milky Way galaxy picture courtesy of NASA.


 Below is a more detailed picture of the Milky Way in relation to our solar system, which is on the Orion arm. There are two main arms around the central bulge and we are placed on a spur of the Perseus arm called the Orion spur.




 The position of the Sun in the Milky Way Galaxy (source Wikipedia, courtesy NASA)

Yet the Milky Way as seen from Earth is not a spiral but more like a band, a long mottled, milky river, road or body glowing in the night heavens. We see the Milky Way like this because it is flat like a disc and we are inside it.


  The Milky Way seen from Earth with shooting stars

The Milky Way surrounds us. The place where the centre is placed is broader, creating a bright bulge, the dark parts veiling it look like one or even two open mouths meeting on a long snaky body, (which is also exactly how the Aztec Sun Stone (Eagle Stone) seems to show them on its rim and the ball court goal image from Chichen Itza above also showed two snaky-crocodile-dragons).


 The centre of the Milky Way is in the middle of the picture and looks like an open mouth, or even two open mouths of dragon-serpent like creatures meeting as if in battle

If one gets to see a lot of the Milky Way from Earth it may seem to curve in a circle, as shown here in a picture made from Death Valley. 



Death Valley in 2005 by Dan Duriscoe for the U.S. National Park Service.http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap070508.html

The Galactic Centre is in the bright section to the right. (All these pictures of the Milky Way are from Wikipedia.)




So from Earth our spiral galaxy is seen as a long, often curving band, that has been interpreted in a number of ways but most commonly as a self-eating serpent/dragon. For those who have read the Bible and particularly Revelations, they may remember that a serpent-dragon is often mentioned in relation to the apocalyptic disasters, and connected to a woman. Below are some versions of the Ouroboros dragon.

Sometimes it is seen as two dragons eating each other, which gives it more resemblance to a Yin Yang sign, especially as one of the dragons has wings and the other does not. This can be taken as a further clue. Further similarity to the Yin-Yang idea  can be found in that the dragon often has a light half and a dark half (below the one from Egypt is an example). Other symbols for the Milky Way might include a tree and a road,  all these were used by the earlier Maya as well as the Ouroboros image, the crocodile is also a long thin creature rather like a  snake so that these images may have been intermixed. In Egypt crocodiles were holy that lived in the Nile and the Nile itself was a reflection of the Milky Way - a heavenly and earthly river, the same was true of other great rivers like the Ganges.


Above: Various versions of the Milky Way Ouroboros

The Galactic Centre itself was then often the mouth, or in the mouth of a dragon-crocodile like creature.

  On the last page of the Dresden Codex a flood is visualized caused at least inpart by a crocodile dragon opening its mouth and spewing water. Some believe this relates to 2012. A similar prophecy was made about a flood coming at the end of the age by the Chilam Balam.


John Major Jenkins has written more on the crocodile in relation to the  2012 crocodile solstice alignment. Mayan artwork reveals that the whole Milky Way could be seen as a crocodile that was often was also or seen as bound to a sacred cosmic tree - the Mayan "Crocodile -tree".



  Above right is the image of the Mayan crocodile-tree popularized by John Major Jenkins. The Galactic Centre

was visualized as in the mouth of the crocodile /caiman and we see also that it is at the root of a  tree and below the foot of a man.

Similarly in western astronomical pictures the Galactic Centre is found beneath the foot of a large man who has been cut out of the zodiacal pictures and sowith out of popular consciousness, even though, or perhaps just because he is of considerable significance to the ancient galactic vision. His name is Ophiucus the serpent carrier, though sometimes referred to as Asklepius. He is the secret 13th sign most intimately associated with the Galactic Centre and possibly known about by the Knights Templars and by Nostradamus (Youtube video)- many interesting stories could be told of this area of the heavens.




Looking at the three constellation images framing the Galactic Centre: a scorpion, an archer-centaur shooting a bow and arrow and a man carrying a huge serpent stepping on the Centre and the scorpion, and close by a fallen crown. Altogether one sees an image of conflict and possible deadly danger


. It has been suggested by Dr. Paul LaViolette that these pictures of the area of the zodiac was created deliberately by a high civilization to warn us where the greatest danger to our Earth originates. LaViolette sees this danger from the Galactic Centre as coming at regular intervals (that match the Great Year cycle) through "Superwaves."

There is a cross-over between cultures between different kinds of monsters, often reptiles or very primitive and dangerous creatures associated with this area of the heavens. The Maya also had a scorpion mother figure in this part of the heavens who was said to live at the end of the Milky Way and Scorpio was in Arabia called the red dragon. Dragon and serpent imagery is very ancient and wide spread. It is found of the temple of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza, Kukulkan is a feathered serpent god thought to be identical with Quetzalcoatl and texts tell he will return in 2012. We might wonder what the pyramid has to do with it all for we will see it placed at the very centre of the Mayan cosmology where above the cosmological picture in the last link a two headed serpent-crocodile spews water. The map on the link is divided into eight sections, even the pyramid has eight sections and at the top another very ancient symbol found all over the world associated with the most powerful gods, - the thunderbolt - that we call lightning. I will explain all these symbols as volcanic.


Is Modern Scientific Astronomy Finally Catching Up With Ancient Mythology?


So  the Maya saw the Galactic Centre as a womb as well as a destructive mouth of a monstrous animal,  like the crocodile (or sometimes a jaguar-toad or serpent), as well as associating it with the root of a tree.  This was a centre that western astronomy and modern science seems to have only discovered in the 20th century, and yet the Maya knew about this in the seventh century! We still know very little about the centre of our Galaxy, but in the very last decades we are beginning to postulate that the centre is  indeed some kind of monster - or the mouth of a monster, as also a dark womb similar to the one told of by the Maya. We believe to have discovered at its centre a "black hole" in the Sagittarius constellation area and so called Sagittarius A. This hole eats up and births suns. (see article Black Hole Snacks).



  An artist's concept of matter swirling, like water down the drain of a bathtub, or alternatively suns  being eaten by a supermassive black hole.

Courtesy of the Chandra X-ray Observatory's X-ray Astronomy Field Guide.


This is really quite an amazing discovery that the centre of our galaxy is indeed what ancient Maya say it was, a monstrous mouth and creative womb, and one of many recent findings that imply we should be more cautious and humble in our judgements of the past, its myths and its scientific, astronomical and astrological abilities. For as it begins to turn out we have fallen from a time of greater knowledge of how our galaxy functions, a time where science and religion were not split but united through an astrological-astronomical understanding.

The Queen Returns Home -  Adding the Galactic Centre to the Astrological Chart.

 Astrology was once the queen of all sciences and arts. Recent findings in Europe shocked the world by showing that astrologer priests living in Europe 5000 years ago were clothed from head to foot in gold, suggesting their great value to the people. All the greatest minds in the world, until only a couple of hundred years ago, were also astrologers, (in the western world Galileo, Tycho Brahe, Francis Bacon, Kepler, Sir Isaac Newton, and writers and poets like John Donne and John Dryden, are just a very few examples that fall to mind, the last mentioned even predicted the day of his own death. In Tibet astrologers are still treated with great respect, deciding over all important dates for ceremonies.

Each cultivated human strove in earlier times to understand the plan which was thought to exist and  in which the human was seen as a microcosm, a plan readable in the stars. But modern man is so averse to seeing life as connected to an astrological plan that he has attempted to destroy and refute all evidence of these connections. J.R. Tolkien's understanding of Man in the book and film Lord of the Rings is that he "above all strives for power. This is also associated with the illusion that he is in "control". Anything which threatens the illusion and does not serve the aim to power is destroyed.

Yet through the loss of certain factors and particularly knowledge of one factor - the Galactic Centre - the destruction  of astrologers and astrology was made easier.

With the loss of the "Queen", astrology wilted like a plucked flower disconnected from its root. The rediscovery of the knowledge of the role played by the Galactic Centre (and in fact the whole plane of the Milky Way galaxy with Orion at the Galactic Anti Centre) in ancient astrological understanding and cosmologies all over the world, can bring a restoration of that original plan.  The destruction of the Galactic Consciousness that once existed, at least among the highest astrologers-priests and priestesses, was connected to the loss, or violent removal, of the Matriarchal vision. Yet, this loss was also associated with natural disasters and changes in earth's relation to the heavens that made nonsense of the primal arrangement or plan in which the galactic axis played such an important part.

In the last century Western astrology has been only minimally interested in tracking Great Year cycles, and  if  it has done this, then by looking at the constellation rising over the eastern horizon at the spring equinox. We have not considered the Great Year in the way the Maya did, through considering its connection to the alignment of the galactic plane to the solstice axis and  particularly the Galactic Centre to the Winter Solstice point. Yet as this event is occurring now and only occurs once for a few hundred years in a cycle that lasts somewhere between 25,000 and 26,000 years, we should perhaps be interested.

 According to western astrology the destructive mouth and birthing womb of the Galactic Centre is not yet perfectly aligned with the winter solstice. Tropical astrology understands that the Galactic Centre is closing on the winter solstice, being in 2010 in the sign of Sagittarius  at 27°, and in about 250 years it will have seemed to move over the winter solstice in to the first degree of the sign Capricorn. This is one reason to consider that the end of this Great Year may not have  quite come yet, or that there must be further reasons why the Maya chose 2012.

Signs and Constellations

 Another important thing to clear up is the difference between astrological signs and constellations. In sidereal astrology, used more in the east, the Galactic centre  is  fixed at 3° of the constellation Sagittarius. Wheras in western astrology or tropical (sun-sign) astrology it is at 27° of the sign Sagittarius.



   Above we see both the constellation and sign placing of the Galactic Centre.

At this time in history the galactic plane of the Milky Way Galaxy is aligned with the solstice axis squaring the vernal axis.

This creates what has been called a Celestial Conjunction or Holy Cross.

Although astrologers and even our whole world vision is solar based: based on a solar calendar of day and year, which encourages us to see the spring equinox and winter solstice as fixed positions, and astrologically Aries as the "first sign" at the spring equinox on 21st March each year. This idea does not fit to keeping the Galactic Centre at a fixed position. Either the signs must be seen to move against a fixed constellation background or the constellations are seen to move and  with them the Galactic Centre, while the signs remain fixed. We have chosen to see the constellations as precessing around us, instead of us moving in relation to the constellations. In reality of course our Earth is wobbling on its axis and creating the seeming constellation precession.


 Does the Galactic Centre Process through the Signs of the Zodiac?


Yet something we have not had to consider till now is that every precession also creates a seeming procession. In this case what interests us is the procession  or transit of the Galactic centre through the signs of the zodiac, so that it seems to move through all signs of the zodiac in one Great Year. This is made possible by the fact that the Galactic Centre is placed very close to the ecliptic, which is the path along which the Sun and other heavenly bodies travel, and the one area of the heavens where the known zodiac constellation belt is placed.

So one can compare the Galactic Centre to any other constellation point on this circuit. The well known and respected German astrologer Bruno Huber was an early researcher into the Galactic Centre, he also noted that because the Galactic Centre has been in the sign of Sagittarius, (crossing its true position in the constellation Sagittarius at the time Jesus was teaching), we have been living in a Sagittarian Age as much as a Piscean one. He calculated as myself that the twelve Great Ages of the Great Year ( Zeitalter Lehre) were in fact always ruled by one planet, that we have been living in a Pisces-Sagittarian Age ruled by Jupiter, and before that we lived in a Scorpio- Aries Age ruled by Mars, and so on.

The procession or transit of the Galactic Centre through the signs takes of necessity exactly the same time as the precession of the constellations - in relation to the  signs as marked by the spring equinox first degree of Aries point. The motion is 1 degree in circa 72 years - or 1.24° in 100 years - we are talking about two aspects of one and the same cycle.Of corse if we take each constellation as having a different size we may not have exactly the same time of entry of each into a new age. For instance judging by signs the Galactic centre will cross the winter solstice into a Capricorn Age in just under 250 years fromnow, while if we wait for procession to pass the last fish in the constellation Pisces we might have to wait even another 800 years!

In the chart below we can see a vertical tourquise axis showing the present alignment of the galactic axis to the solstice axis rwhere I have placed the Galactic Centre and its surrounding constellations rather loosely as exactly at the winter solstice, though it still has three degrees to go, yet the galactic axis is more exactly aligned at this time, having been supposedly most perfectly aligned in 1998. The vertical tourquise line of the alignment moves down to  the summer solstice below  as afar as the signs are concerened on the inner circle and then goes on to cross the Galactic Anti-Centre between the constellations  Taurus and Gemini.

If we concentrate on precession then we can say that 2000 years ago the smaller circle with its winter solstice marker was then pointing the winter solstice at the constellation Capricorn and now the winter solstice marker has moved back to about 5° Sagittarius and will continue precessing back into Scorpio.

If we concentrate on the significance of the signs, then the winter solstice alignment will end in 250 years as the tropical Galactic Centre, seen through the lens of the signs, moves further forward into the sign of Capricorn. In terms of sign ages we are entering the Galactic Age of Capricorn ruled by Saturn. In terms of constellation ages, if we take each constellation as thirty degrees, though it cuts off the head of one Pisces fish, we are now entering the Age of Aquarius- the water carrier.

So we notice it is necessary to combine two calendars to understand the Great Year and the Holy Cross. 



 The smaller wheel of the signs shows the winter solstice above almost aligned to the Galactic Centre at the beginning of the constellation Sagittarius/ or roughly between Scorpio and Sagittarius.If all the constellations are marked as having 30° then we are  now also at the transition from the Pisces to Aquarius Age on the left.


Even when the Galactic centre and axis were still known about,  maybe even in the last few hundred years it was not always mentioned., perhaps there were reasons why this theme became more esoteric, hidden, secret. Instead of mentioning the Galactic Centre and its axis there remained an understanding of a fixed cross in the heavens.

As the Galactic Centre is placed between the constellations Scorpio and Sagittarius it was often also associated with Scorpio, the sign and constellation associated  in the body appropriately with the procreative organs.

Scorpio is what astrology calls a fixed sign or constellation, there are also mutable fixed and cardinal signs. The four fixed signs were Scorpio and Taurus opposite and Aquarius and Leo crossing this axis at 90°. So we have a fixed cross that was particularly Holy and also marked the four seasonal points of change in the Great Year and was a four pointed star or four spoked wheel. These four fixed signs were associated with the four apostles Matthew Mark, John and Luke with John, writer of Revelations being of course the Scorpio, though as an eagle (Aquila the eagle is placed close by, in the constellations, and is a moe noble representative) and John is the one chosen to see deeper behind the Mystery while meditating in a volcano on Patmos.


 Even God is thought to be surrounded by the four animals of these  fixed signs, they made up part of all holy admixtures, like the Cherubim.

 And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind.

And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle.
And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, LORD God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come.
KIng James Bible Rev. 4
 Symbols of the Four Evangelists; from a page in the Book of Kells. These are the fixed signs or constellations that create the galactic cross, a crross that when aligned with the solstice and equinox angles may cause dramatic earth changes.
Clockwise the images are - the Man, the Lion, the Eagle, and the Bull, for Matthew, Mark, John, and Luke.
Yet of course people will claim still that the Bible has nothing to do with astrology, and yet ironically only through astrology, and a particular kind of astrology which I for want of a better description may call "Galactic Centered Astrology", can one understand what the Bible is talking about and especially what Revelations is all about. For John is taken up to a galactic level, beyond the mundane level by going to a place marked by these four fixed signs of the Great Year cycle.

 Our second calendar wheel with its four spokes are the solstice and equinox angles on the tropical astrological signs and in "sun sign" astrology. Together these two four spoked wheels make an eight pointed wheel with which we can read the underlying law or plan of the Great Year cycles.



 The eight spoked wheel has been discovered as a symbol used all over the world in most ancient times. In Buddhism it is known as the Wheel of Dharma, or the Wheel of the Law. Interestingly, above the vertical spokes play a special role in marking the beginnings and endings of Yin and Yang. This we will find is no mere accident.

Source from wikipedia flickr.


Above we see Quetzalcoatl returning to us on a long cord originating out of the base of an eight pointed wheel-star image, an image which forms the very heart of the Mayan cosmology.  From the Codex Vindobonensis

Mayan prophecy supposedly says a ladder will emerge from the center of our Milky Way galaxy in 2012.From out of the ladder will emerge the serpent rope carrying the god Nine Wind also called Quetzalcoatl.


The symbol for the source of the serpent rope matches a Babylonian symbol  and the logo for the Holy Grail found on the tombstone of William St. Clair at Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland. Each of these is the same as the Buddhist Dharma Wheel of Time (above) as pointed out by William Henry in his  article 2012:Stargate of the Gods, which we will see is not so far fetched or out of line with my volcano theory, for  I am certain that the volcanoes act as wormholes. Major public sitings of UFOs have occurred around volcanoes as in Mexico the eruption of Popocatepetl.

Meru the world volcanic mountain that I believe all prophecy is connected to was described as the home of the gods and William Henry finds a connection tobetweenMeru and real alien "gods" which may in fact, and is in fact very likely the case. According to  William Henry, this alignment is considered to be an embodiment of the Sacred Tree, The Tree of Life. Emerging from this tree, or star alignment, comes a serpent rope with Quetzalcoatl riding upon a blessed substance known to the Mayans as itz ( meaning 'the blessed substance') apparently spewing from it. 
This is interesting considering that the new age and place of emergence is thought to be Chichen Itz-a and that the word Itzam has been associated with the crocodile and Itzamna with the Galactic Centre. The serpent rope emerges also from the center of the galaxy, symbolized by the 8-rayed or 8-spoked wheel, which we will later see was a symbol for the central world mountain Meru that was also seen as a tree, and both Meru and Atlantis were shown surrounded by concentric rings similar to this image Galactic centre. Cosmic sap is thought to ooze from this "world tree" or "cosmic cross", which idea might easily bring us to thoughts of the Bible and Isiaiah's tree  imagery with its branch and stump and root connected to the return of a fiery serpent. Yet again the sap of a tree might again be seen as human blood, blood descibed as covering the body of Christ, blood so often sacrificed in Mayan rituals, sap and blood that on a more stony level could possibly be related to volcanic lava.  Yet still we are missing the frame on which to hang all these loose and yet repeating images, these spilled beads of information with tantalizingly similar patterns inviting connections have nevertheless lost their thread.


Of course the four spoked wheel of the fixed signs and the four spoked wheel of the solstices and equinoxes must meet four times in one Great Year cycle. In the Chronicles of Akakor, a much queried book, there is much unquestionably interesting information about the last 13,000 years of life on earth, particularly in the Amazonian region. Yet to even consider its truth we have to accept that our past may be a lot different to what we have been taught.  The Chronicles tell us that aliens are supposed to have arrived in golden ships and helped the natives, the Chosen People, warning them that astronomical changes, including the nearing of their own planet every six thousand years was responsible for regular catastrophes on earth at these times.

They, the Masters, built them cities below the Andes where they could survive. They helped them create a huge empire that spread over much of Meso and South America.  They survived to some extent the disasters because of this help and maybe this is how the message of this "End of the World" disaster has managed to survive too. Certainly, a number of mythologies suggest that about every 6-6,500 years  a disaster arrives. The last disaster at perhaps 4,300 BC - a great flood through the world into such chaos that only the return of a few of these aliens in 3,166 BC may have again helped humanity back out of its dark ages as is indeed told in the Chronicles. One of the two alien brothers who remained was interestingly called Lhasa (which is the name of the Tibetan capitol) and Samon (rather similar to the legendary Sargon of the Middle East). One of the brothers was supposed responsible for the building of Machu Picchu while the other went east to a land at the source of a great river which in my mind was obviously Egypt. They built up a great trade route between the two lands.

But worse than the last disaster are the two disasters that occur when the galactic axis aligns with the solstice  axis and the vernal quinox enters either Leo from Virgo - marked in Egypt by the Sphinx,  or Aquarius from Pisces. At these times of the Holy Cross, or Cosmic Cross, great disasters occur associated with fire and water.

Each time the Galactic Axis of the Milky Way aligns with the solstice axis, as it did about 12,500 to 12,900 years ago, it creates a square to one of the fixed signs Leo or Aquarius. It has been suggested by the authors of Hamlets Mill as by the Dr. Paul LaViolette in his book Earth Under Fire that the entry of the spring equinox into the constellation Leo c. 12,500 years ago marked a catastrophic end-beginning  point to which they aligned their calendars, like a great year spring equinox point, and they were not the only ones. The Rev. O.D. Miller has shown in his book written in the 19th century that 12,500 BC marks the beginning point of many calendars in the Middle East; Akkadian, Phoenecian etc. O.D. Miller wrote his life work on HAR MOAD or the Mount of the Assembly ( which you may remember was mentioned by Isaiah) showing how all ancient cuneiform texts from the Middle East area told an ancient astrological story that began at this time , which he saw as a Creation point, and he shows how it was connected to a central mountain remembered under many names, Meru and Har Moad being two and yet being identical with paradise. He believes this mountain once marked Eden in the East.


 The Conflagration ending in a Great Flood Half a Great Year Ago - can that be compared to what lies before?


Appropriately for the constellation Leo, which is a summer fire sign ruled by the Sun, was a Conflagration and a Great  Summer catastrophe . That this indeed occurred  and is connected to the Wheel of Transmigration story is suggested by a number of myths, and historical records, like the story of the youth Phaeton ( re-told by LaViolette in his book as he believes this was the disaster that occurred half a Great Year ago. Phaethon tried and failed to fly the chariot of his father the Sun God Helios. That this chariot is itself a volcano may be a rather longer effort to prove to you, but will certainly be possible later. Phaethon in the story froze the world when the horses moved too high, and set the world on fire as the horses plunged too deep. The deciding moment was as he passed the sting of the scorpion (where the Galactic Centre lies hidden) the horses were so afraid, he lost control. Zeus sent a thunderbolt on the beseechings of the tormented Earth that caused Phaethon and the chariot to Fall from the heavens. Then Zeus sent a flood to save the Earth.

 Now all the horrors of the Heav'ns he spies,
And monstrous shadows of prodigious size,
That, deck'd with stars, lye scatter'd o'er the skies.
There is a place above, where Scorpio bent
In tail and arms surrounds a vast extent;
In a wide circuit of the Heav'ns he shines,
And fills the space of two coelestial signs.
Soon as the youth beheld him vex'd with heat
Brandish his sting, and in his poison sweat,
Half dead with sudden fear he dropt the reins;
The horses felt 'em loose upon their mains,
And, flying out through all the plains above,
Ran uncontroul'd where-e're their fury drove;
Rush'd on the stars, and through a pathless way
Of unknown regions hurry'd on the day.
And now above, and now below they flew,

And near the Earth the burning chariot drew.

Ovid Metamorphoses 2 Phaeton




 Peter Paul Rubens The Fall of Phaeton, c. 1604/5 oil, National Galery of Art, Washington D.C.



 Many have compared the Fall of Phaethon story to the Fall of Lucifer. The description of the disaster occurring 10,468 BC called in the Chronicles of Akakor, the First Catastrophe, fits I would say quite exactly to the descriptions of Phaethon's conflagration, with both telling of the extremes of temperature that occurred and that the whole earth seemed to be on fire so that the trees cried amber etc.

If the Chronicles of Akakor is to a large part at least correct, even if the chief of the tribe should turn out to be a fake as has been suggested (which is not as obvious as it may seem), the story explains many things and must come from some true source- in the original unchanged German version, that all effort was made to remove from the market, there are a number of events and historical facts it is unlikely could  have been known at that time, (these would take too long to list here) but jumping the rift through a leap of belief, if it is true then great continents (of which the original verion showed maps) sank at that time to each side of Mesoamerica and the Andes was thrown up and the atmosphere changed becoming humid and the Sun was also changed. According to this story the natives have already withdrawn below the earth to await  the next terrible catastrophe associated with the tiger Tezcatlipoca rising as a beast from the seas to the west to swallow the world in his gullet. This idea is very similar to a number of others including the Norse wolf Fenrir opening his fiery mouth to swallow the world at the End Time.

 Scientific discoveries of recent years suggest that this period 12,500 years ago, some tend more to 12,900 years ago, indeed bought such catastrophes. Only in the last years have students of the pyramids of Giza and the temple of Akakor - Ooops I meant Angkor Wat in Cambodia (yet a similar sound!) discover them to be aligned with star positions at 12,500 years ago, which would fit to the date 10,468 BC.

The Chronicles of Akakor does not mention a disaster around 9,700-9,600 BC  as scientific evidence now also suggests occurred that may be connected to a final demise of the legendary Atlantis told of by Plato in Timaeus. However, I imagine that I know the reason behind this.

Between these dates a mini ice age called the Younger Dryas occurred, in which mammoths were frozen instantaneously while chewing summer buttercups. Of course at the same time as the spring equinox entered Leo - or often in Egypt between Virgo and Leo the sphinx was placed. Evidence from John Anthony West shows that the damage from rains on the body of the sphinx could only have been created in this period of rains and flooding  at the time when the constellation Virgo was giving way to the constellation Leo on the horizon.

What will happen now as the Water-carrier tips out his water on the Earth? Will there be a Deluge.? The historian Berossus as also other ancient records suggest that a deluge may be part of what is called a Great Winter cataclysm. This was known about by a number of cultures like the Greek. Berossus also recorded, a Babylonian tradition that the Summer catastrophe, was thought to be associated to the passage of or line up of large numbers of heavenly bodies in the sign (?) of Cancer and the other catastrophe was associated with a line up of bodies in the sign of Capricorn. As Cancer is the first sign after the highest point on the astrological wheel of the year, the first sign after the summer solstice it would be the first sign of a fall.  Capricorn  as the sign after the winter solstice. Unfortunately I have not read the original Babylonian texts and chronicles which may reveal more. There is such a work linking to Berossus available in the internet through JSTOR.

 LaViolette has also suggested that the symbol of the Aquarian water carrier pouring water out on the earth is an ideal image for a deluge , this constellation will begin rising on our eastern horizon each spring as the sign Caprocorn becomes the place where the Galactic Centre is placed in the next 250 years. Though of corse the Galactic Centre also throws a wide range of influence into this sign already. So Aquarius anyway may be associated with the idea of the deluge as of course the solar lion or sphinx might be associated with a solar or fiery catastrophe. The Greeks and the Chinese and other cultures knew of a Great cycle in which there was a Great Summer catastrophe and a Great Winter one.Yet in both cases fire and water are involved and in both cases I believe we are referring to one Great Year volcanic cycle, even though not each year is the same as the one before and not each Great Year as the one before.


 So water alone is not the only disaster the end of this Great Year may bring. The Maya called this age 4 Caban, meaning 4 Earth, it was ruled by  earth, or a sort of  red earth monster., which may imply more. Ages that were ruled by something, often an element, were also destroyed by it. So the last age was 4 Rain and was indeed destroyed by a Great Flood. We now have considerable evidence that a Great Flood occurred somewhat over 5,125 years ago,  before the last Mayan Age began in 3114 BC. For instance the Legendary Emperor Fuxi is said to have survived such a Great Flood with is sister-wife and to have lived about 3000 BC ( the exact dates given are variable). More exact is the beginning of a new beginning in Egypt an Egyptian Dynasty at 3100 BC responsible for the buildng of the three famous pyramids at Giza, even though other pyramids and the sphinx seem to date from a time closer to 12,500 BP. The Narmer Palette is dated to about 3000 BC or a bit earlier and is supposed to tell of a Flood and connect it to the transition from the Gemini to Taurus AGe which would fit to the last Holy Cross. Similar records of a flood come from Sumeria-Babylon-Mesopotamia and in India the Kali Yuga began 23 January (Gregorian) 3102 BC .Just 12 days from the beginning of the Mayan new age. Wouldnt this all fit well to the arrival of a super technology in 3166 BC, just 52 years before the new Mayan Age?

 Adapted picture of the constellation of Aquarius, after Hevelius 1690

So this age is ruled by earth and earthquakes may be awaited at its end., or perhaps even more than earthquakes, if the idea of crustal displacement is correct. Ceratinly there are unexplainable rifts in our understanding of how straight cliffs of broken off rock like the cliffs of Dover were really created. If crustal displacement occurred it would indeed cause a huge deluge, and there is evidence of waves having reached 1,5 km height in the past.

All the five ages of the last Great Year were destroyed by catastrophes, so disaster was always awaited when such a Long Count calendar ended. The Aztec Sun Stone - or eagle stone also shows a calendar with five ages similar to the neighbouring Maya, and this age is the last and central one supposed to include them all in some way.  It shows supposedly an old Sun sticking his tongue out, as to its true meaning I will have to leave that till later ( except I cant resist mentioning that it has the same volcanic root as the goddess Kali sticking her tongue). The Aztecs call this age the Sun of Earthquake, alternaticvely the word Ollin is translated not as earthquake but as movement or shift. Of course this is just as unsettling as a pole shift or crustal displacement is one of the greatest fears we may have.




 The Aztec Sun Stone - Calendar was excavated in the Zócalo square, Mexico on December 17 1790as the Sun was conjunct the Galactic Centre. The two snake heads meeting at the base of the stone probably represent the Galactic Centre. We are in the central age where the Sun is centrally placed and seen sticking out his tongue.

The spokes on the wheel again count up to eight.


Similar prophecies of the end of the age/ world are heard from the Bible stories, Jesus tells his followers in the Gospel of Matthew (24) that not one stone will be left upon another in the tribulation that is coming, and John the Divine in his Revelations, who as the Scorpio of the four fixed signs would have been closest to the Galactic Centre's divine plan, also tells more than once of the great earthquakes coming. This is the point in Revealtion, at the end of Revealtion 16, where no one understands what comes after, there is suddenly a shift to talk ofa whore of Babylon.

What might normally occur after n enormous earthquake with hail? Sounds like a volcanic eruption to me, and exactly that is what Revelation 17 is about, and it tells us where. But let us stay with the earthquake for now, for it was the earthquake in Indonesia in December 2004 that awoke me.

 Here we see the chart below, before the discovery of the Galactic Centre.




Do not worry about understanding all the astrological charts shown below.  I hope that you will see however, how they involve in different ways the missing factor we have been speaking of.

Below is the chart of the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami before my discovery and addition of the Galactic Centre. The most noticeable feature was the grand cross.


Chart of the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami December 26 2004


 The chart showed a few significant factors. First a grand cross on the angles of the chart involving Capricorn an earth sign rising or on the ascendant and Saturn the ruler of Capricorn opposite on the descendant, and these in turn square the Nodes of the Moon, which are associated in the east with disaster, especially the South Node. Then there was an opposition on that day between the Full Moon on one side of the Earth and the Sun and Pluto on the other, and a trine between Jupiter and Neptune the two rulers of the water sign Pisces. I looked up a number of tsunami disasters and found in eight out of ten an aspect between Jupiter, Neptune and the Moon. I remembered how a few years before an opposition between Jupiter and Neptune had been instrumental in the Flood of the Century in Europe mid August 2002.

By adding the missing piece the Galactic Centre the chart was transformed.

  One can now see how the Full Moon had been almost exactly opposite the Galactic Centre that was nearly at 27° Sagittarius, that the Galactic Centre sat between the Sun and Pluto and that the Midheaven, marked rather unclearly(MC) with the South Node on it also aspect the Galactic Centre as does Uranus (if given 7° allowance, but it aspects more directly the Sun. I discovered later that this pattern of aspects pointing towards the Galactic Centre was quite common for disasters, especially if combined with a 90° aspect  a square or even a grand cross.



 Yet before continuing let me further note how the grand cross or square aspect can be potentized by being against the background of the Holy Cross.

 This was an added trigger by such disasters as Krakatau which showed not only a bow and arrow to the Galactic Centre but what is called a T square, which can have the explosive power of TNT. The eruption was indeed heard in I believe a thousand mile radius. Moon and Mars as well as Uranus and Mercury were just on the not yet fully formed Holy Cross aspect and so strengthened by it.





Krakatau erupts 1883


 The reason why this is important to consider is that the years around 2012 will create a T square very often from Uranus at the spring equinox area, such as has only occurred once before in history and that was back in 1761 and it lasted for three months causing a great number of disasters. In 2012 there will be at the same time a "bow" lasting most of the time between October 2011 and on even into 2013 involving Saturn and Neptune pointing towards Pluto and the Galactic Centre. All this involves the galactic axis and holy cross.


Planets placed on this Holy Celestial Cross may cause some of the worst disasters of the coming years. Take for instance June 2010 when the Sun , Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto and the Galactic Centre are just major factors wighting the Holy Cross.


In this chart below without placing the Galactic Centre you can see the involvement of Saturn and his sign Capricorn in a grand cross with the Nodes. This is a major sign for earthquakes, yet more lethal still is a grand cross involving Saturn and the Nodes that falls often on the galactic axis in the years 2010 to 2011.

 Here are the aspects of June 26 2010 seen through NASA's solar simulator and also through astrological- astronomical vision.


The aspects suggest a disturbance of the Sun, and possible storms or larger earthquakes. Yet this is not the only date in June when disaster may strike as the grand cross aspect lasts for the largest part of the month. September looks worse still, when the Moon recreates the grand cross of  bodies on the Heavenly Cross once a month. The continued opposition of Saturn and Uranus squaring Pluto and the Galactic centre suggest that this amy be the roughest year so far in many ways.

 Below you see that this grand cross of planets is not just "astrological" but visible astronomically on NASA's solar simulator to some extent, where you may note that Uranus and Jupiter, shown in the astrological chart as in conjunction are on the same line, and on the same line as the Sun and Saturn. Pluto is squaring and if the Galactic Centre were visible it swould be somewhere behind Pluto. In the astrological chart the Sun squares the giant planets.



NASA's Solar Simulator shows the positioning of major heavenly bodies in the solar system on June 26 2010. This is a day when not only will Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn be on one line with the Earth, and Pluto and the Galactic centre will be square, the Full Moon will also be involved in a grand cross on the Holy Cross of the Year. Even if this day does not bring an obvious major disaster, what happens this coming June will certainly have a major effect. 



The astrological chart shown above is Here shown again below in more detail. The Sun South Node and Mercury will remain in the garand cross on the Holy Crossfor many days, what makes 26th June special is that the Full Moon will be opposite conjunct Pluto and the North Node all with the Galactic Centre.

 June 26 2010 shows a grand cross on the Holy Cross and the Full Moon is conjunct the Galactic Centre
opposite the Sun. This is the opposite of what occurred on 26th December 2004. Another more similar
date to the Tsunami 2004 is maybe 21st December 2010 whan the Full Moon will be opposite the Sun conjunct the Galactic centre.

June 26 2010  as well as 21 December 2010 bear some resemblance to the Indian Ocean Tsunami date 26 December 2004. If we would study this science in greater depth we would come to a ceratinty that would make it possible to predict and warn people.
The patterns of disasters repeated, in the astrological chart of the Tsunami, I could see that the Full Moon had been opposite the Sun, Galactic centre and Pluto. Also in the charts of Krakatau the Moon and Mars had been opposite the Galactic centre and  Uranus square, by the 9/11 disaster the Moon was also opposite the Galactic Centre. By the Titanic disaster Pluto and Mars opposed the Galactic Centre as it rose over the horizon, and the Moon in the water sign of Pisces T squared. all Astrology is a complicated science with many aspects and other information that only years of study can perfect, so keeping this very simple at first I can show that a great many worst disasters have occurred when either the Sun, Moon or other major body was together with (conjunct) the Galactic Centre or opposite it. Not only the opposition and conjunction, but also the square to the galactic plane was significant.

The Sun's passage over the galactic plane and Galactic centre and its square (90°) have caused many of the worst earthquakes of recent years, as I discovered while researching for my book.

Yet more significant even than the grand cross on the Holy Cross that would be caused in 2010 to 11 was a bow and arrow aspect. Interestingly it repreated the thematic of the archer centaur sSagittarius hooting at the Galactic Centre, but it seemed now that most lethal of aspects was one or more bows or bows and arrows as I called them pointing towards the Galactic Centre and or Pluto. Bows arrrows to other planets often suggested also the kind of disaster, so to Mars or Aries it might be a violent explosion such as in a volcano, to Saturn or Capricorn it suggested earthquake. To Cancer or the Moon flood or tsunami.
 Even without understanding astrology one can understand that there was alignment on that day, which repeats twice in 2010 between Full Moon, Earth, Sun and Galactic Centre with Pluto.



  THe most disastrous moments in history tended to show both a grand cross, or at least a T square, as well as a bow or bow and arrow formation together.



It is interesting, considering the connection of disaster to the bow aspect in the astrological chart, that the First Horseman in the Biblical Revelation carries a bow and he ushers in the terrible period of the Apocalypse. Of course it is extremely likely, considering the large number of associations found, and given a chapter to in my book, that the Four Horsemen are associated to the sign and constellation of the horse-man Sagittarius (which has been represented in the past in different cultures as a rider on a horse, or as just an archer, or just a horse), and so they are associated with the sign in which the "disastrous" Galactic Centre is found.


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse


  Since the Tsunami 2004 I have noted a number of major disasters that showed Sun or Moon in aspect to the Galactic Centre. What are the chances that in the three worst earthquakes of the last six years the Moon was conjunct or opposite the Galactic Centre? Tsunami 2004 the Full Moon was opposite GC and Sun, the next worse earthquake occurred on October 8 2005 with somewhere over 80,000 deaths, and the Moon conjunct the GC and then the recent earthquake in Haiti, with the Moon also conjunct the GC, the liklihood of a major earthquake I had predicted because of the Moon's conjunction to the Galactic centre at the same time as five bodies were in the earth sign Capricorn, and Saturn was square Pluto (Saturn and his sign are most indicated by earthquakes).

  I have found many hundreds of cases of the very worst and top ten disasters in history that show not justt multiple alignments of heavenly bodies conjunct opposite or square the Galactic Centre but also creating, for the time of day they occur, a bow and arrow actually pointing at the Galactic Centre. So here below you may roughly see three of the top ten worst ever volcanic eruptions in history showing that bow and arrow- Tamboro being the worst in recorded history with over 90,000 deaths and Krakatau the third worst with over 30,000, Mt.  Kelut being further down the list. Then we have two top ten worst ever earthquakes, the one in Gansu China on December 16 1920 with over 200,000 fatalities and the one on 26th December 2004 also with over 230,000 fatalities. Then there are two worst ever days in the history of aviation, No. I was the seroies of flight disasters and disaster associated to the World Trade Centre on 9/11 2001 in which over 4000 people died altogether and the earlier worst ever flight disaster in tenerife which is now the second worst ever flight disaster. The list could be extended to show thatthe worst ever tornadoes hurricanes and many other disasters in history show the same tendency.


 Above: three worst ever volcanic eruptions, the top two worst ever aviation disaster days, two worst ever earthquakes, making seven worst ever disasters showing the bow and arrow. A great many more can be added and are found in articles on scribd.com or in my book.



One of the worst signs ever in history proved to be multiple bows and arrows, six created a "Star of David." aspect as I called it. In the largest  ever recorded earthquake in Chile in 1960, a M. 9.5, such a Star of David formed.


 The chart of the Chile Earthquake emphasizes the almost perfect  bow and arrow formation to the Galactic Centre yet there is a Star of David formation. Jupiter in the Earth sign Capricorn and Saturn also in his earth sign. Jupiter is in grand trine to two more bodies also in the other two earth signs. the other trine is in the water signs which suggests the tsunami that caused  about 2000 deaths. The Galactic Centre is alsoT square the disastrous nodes of the Moon which is not marked, but the South Node in Pisces was influential, as by the Tsunami in Lisbon which showed Uranus conjunct the South Node in Pisces square Pluto and the Galactic Centre.

In 543 AD an earthquake, or a series of earthquakes,  is recorded in Encyclopedias ( i.e. Encyclopaedia of Dates and Events Edited by L.C. Pascoe) that caused the whole earth to quake and made some geographical changes to the British coast (i.e Mersey) and to France. It took a longer search to find the exact date of this massive earthquake, which occurred on 6th September 543 AD, but it was well worth it. Although the exact position of ascendant and Moon cannot be given with certainty,  a Star of David is definitely present on this day and it bears great similarity to Stars coming between 2011 and 2013. The 6th century was anyway the most disastrous one in the last 2000 year period and the disastrous dates for earthquakes and probably volcanic eruptions causing plagues and the deaths of half the population of Europe also showed Stars of David.

This  543 date is quite uncannily similar to a date I found in August 2013.



 Looking at the chartsof 543 AD above and 2013 below, you may note that in both cases, Neptune is in Pisces, in both cases Jupiter is in Cancer, in both cases Pluto is in Capricorn, in both cases the North Node is in Scorpio, the Sun is in the earth sign Virgo, and of course in both cases there is that Star of David aspect. Yet because of the additional grand cross involving Uranus in Aries to Pluto and the Galactic Centre and the conjunction of Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio, I would say that August 26 2013 could be a worse date in history. The one and only saving is that Mars is only minimally involved. Looking at such a chart people should be aware that the disastrous phase is not over when they have survived December 21 2012. In fact a large tsunami would be more likely when Jupiter is in Cancer in 2013 shooting at Pluto in Capricorn in a bow and arrow.




 Yet certainly 2011 is just as dangerous as 2013, at least the month of October, of which the date that sends most goodsepimples down my back is 28th October 2011.

 By the Autumn of 2011, especially in October, around the 28th a Star of David aspect forms involving the two giant planets Jupiter and Saturn that are involved by all the greatest events in history. The positions on which they are placed is common for causing volcanic eruptions, suggesting with the involvement of Saturn and the earth signs Taurus and Capricorn as well as the fire signs, that volcanic erathquakes will lead to large eruptions that may continue or increase in following years. What better way to understand the end of creation than such an eruption? Nevertheless, whether it brings a major eruption or not major earthquakes between 2011 and 2013 are a certainty . In 543 AD a bow pointed to Saturn in Scorpio and to Pluto in Capricorn. Exactly the same pattern will recur from October 2011, through 2012 and into 2013.

From October 2011 throughout most of 2012 and even into 2013 a bow remains involving Saturn and his sign Capricorn where Pluto is placed conjunct the Galactic Centre and this suggests that this whole period will bring large earthquakes and disintegrating effects to the Earth and its crust. The square to Uranus in Aries adds the volcanic activity.


Since the time of Pluto's conjunction with the Galactic centre that began about 2001 and will last till about 2014, one can see in the graph below that the Sun's passage over the Galactic centre with Pluto each December has caused the worst peak of historically significant earthquakes in  that month in at least the last 200 years (as given by the U.S. Geological Survey data) and perhaps these are the worst earthquakes ever in December in recorded hiistory, doesnt this peak look like it means something? What might it be the birth pains of?  The past opposition of Pluto at the beginning of the 20th century and the other aspects of Pluto also caused peaks, but nothing compared to this. Where six historically significant earthquakes. In the six year period before 2002 there was one earthquake in December, but from 2002 as Pluto drew close, there were four marked as historically significant by USGS. The next year, 2003, as Saturn opposed the GC  and Pluto came a quite unprecedented six followed by four in December 2007, one in 2008 and two in 2009. This is the longest and highest peak ever recorded affecting this one month. As Pluto's conjunction will not be over till 2014 and 2012 will create a bow and arrow and square to Pluto in Capricorn conjunct the Galactic Centre, this peak will continue.


 December 21  2012



 The sunrise of December 21 2012 does not look that dangerous to me, but  look at the aspects created at 22:18 in Egypt. I worked out for myself the most significant moment of 21st December 2012 for myself 22:20 I thought. Yet it wasnt till later that I heard that someone had claimed Osiris would return at 22:18 when Jupiter is up in the constellation of the Bull in the highest heavens above.

studying the worst earthquakes of the last five years I have come to respect Saturn and his sign Capricorn. The worst earthquakes involve aspects to Saturn and to Capricorn and that is what we find at 22:18 of that date, aspects to both Saturn and his sign suggesting earthquake. Jupiter sends bows and arrows to both Saturn in deadly Scorpio and deadly Pluto ruler of Scorpio in the earth sign Capricorn.

Bows to Pluto have also produced some of the worst periods in history. In the last months of World War II it was a bow pointing at Pluto in Leo that caused the sinking of  great numbers of ships with tens of thousands of innocent citizens.Even the seemingly innocent chart of Hiroshima can be blamed largely on an alignment of the Nodes of the Moon to the galactic axis and a bow to Pluto conjunct the Sun in the sign of the Sun, for on this day Sun energy was used in the most deadly way through th



 Hiroshima showed a bow aspect to Pluo conjunct the Sun in Leo.

On 21 December 2012 there will be a bow aspect to Pluto conjunct the Sun in the earth sign of Capricorn

suggesting earthquake


While Pluto is in Capricorn, an earth sign, it will be the earth that will be most dangerous and destructive.  Yet the involvement of the water signs Scorpio where Saturn is placed and Neptune in its own water sign of Pisces allow for tsunamis.

Looking further at the period from end of November 2012 to January 2013 I see a volcanic involvement to the earthquakes that will undoubtedly come.

Just look at the past years peak of unprecedented earthquakes each December, why should December 2012 be any better? Especially after the Sun has moved into Capricorn on 21 December. The recent Haiti earthquake of January 12 2010 showed the Moon conjunct the GC and four bodies including the Sun in Capricorn.




Since the time of Pluto's conjunction with the Galactic centre that began about 2001 and will last till about 2014, one can see in the graph above that the Sun's passage over the Galactic centre with Pluto each December has caused the worst peak of historically significant earthquakes in  that month in at least the last 200 years (as given by the U.S. Geological Survey data)
Perhaps these are the worst earthquakes ever in December in recorded history. We can't know. Doesnt this peak look like it means something? What might it be the birth pains of?  The past opposition of Pluto at the beginning of the 20th century and the other aspects of Pluto also caused peaks, but nothing compared to this.
Where six historically significant earthquakes. In the six year period before 2002 there was one earthquake in December, but from 2002 as Pluto drew close, there were four marked as historically significant by USGS. The next year, 2003, as Saturn opposed the Galactic Centre and Pluto, came a quite unprecedented six earthquakes followed by four in December 2007, one in 2008 and two in 2009. This is the longest and highest peak ever recorded affecting this one month. As Pluto's conjunction will not be over till 2014 and 2012 will create a bow and arrow and a square to Pluto in Capricorn conjunct the Galactic Centre, this peak will continue.

The reason why the earthquakes are increasing in an unprecedented manner at this time is that the Galactic  the Galactic Centre is conjunct Pluto, both close to the winter solstice. The Galactic centre is only 3° from Capricorn and is close enough to be influencing the cardinal earth sign.. Especially when the Sun , Moon and a few other bodies are in that sign. That was the case with the Haiti earthquake: Moon conjunct the Galactic Centre and five bodies in Capricorn.

Capricorn is the sign particularly associated with earthquakes, as also his ruler Saturn. Capricorn is a cardinal sign as well meaning it is a sign of new beginnings, appropriate for a sign that rings in the New Year, as it also an earth sign we could call it the sign of a new earth such as is told of the Bible.

Saturn is awaited by many Freemasons, even back in the 19th century, to be the ruler of the new world order and it is expected that he will father another Golden Age on Earth, such as he once ruled.

In the years up to 2014 Pluto will be still conjunct the Galactic Centre in that earth sign so we can expect this phase of historic earthquakes to continue and under appropriate aspects pointing toward Capricorn and the Galactic Centre, to increase further. In 2010 to 11 the North Node of the Moon is also in Capricorn and moves as2010 progresses closer to Pluto and the Galactic Centre and to square Saturn. This suggests there will be phenomenal earthquakes before this year is out, when Saturn and Capricorn are involved.

A general increase in large earthquakes of M6 and over is visible since 1973. The highest peaks occurred as Uranus and Neptune that were transiting Capricorn had a bow pointing towards them.





 Thousands of astrological charts could be added to prove the theory that the Galactic Centre is involved in disaster, usually through some kind of aspects pointing towards the centre as if with a bow or arrow.

For those who know little of astrology it would be boring at this point to wade through hundreds of charts. I have placed a number in my book and in articles here and on scribd.com. All of the last worst disasters like the Haiti Earthquake and the Kashmir Earthquake and the Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Stan and Wilma, all showed the influence, with the first two mentioned having the Moon conjunct the Galactic Centre.

Here follow just three disasters from the disastrous year 2005 that show a bow created by Jupiter and Neptune. This bow began at the time of the Tsunami 2004 and  after moving apart it returned to create another bow in August 2005 and so was also partly responsible for both the tsunami and the similar flood like conditions in New Orleans. This bow to the Galactic Centre area caused almost Biblical disasters that really rattled us. This is of particular interest because at this time Neptune was only just beginning to aspect the Galactic Centre, its bow shot at Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius on the 26th December that were in range of the Galactic Centre, yet in 2012 a much more powerful bow forms between Neptune - god of the oceans - and Saturn the Great Malefic , pointing at the Galactic Centre and Pluto -god of the underworld , in Saturns's sign of the grim reaper. ALL THIS MEANS THAT EVEN IF NOT MARKING THE END OF THE WORLD, 2012 REALLY SUGGESTS LARGE EARTHQUAKES AND OTHER DISASTERS, be they economic, storms, which could be icy with Saturn involved.

Here three disasters from 2005 showing a bow aspect to Pluto and the Galactic Centre, the bow is created by Neptune and Jupiter, or Neptune and the Sun, or both.



Yet this is not the place to discuss in detail the astrology of 2012, but just to make aware of the significance and power of the Galactic centre and galactic axis of our Milky Way.


For more astrological charts of disasters you may want to read my aforentoned book or go to scribd where a number of articles show how the worst (or top ten according to Wikipedia) earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes etc etc all show aspects pointed towards and /or strongly involving the Galactic Centre. If astrological charts can never be enough to prove the point 


If you are ready to be persuaded that the Galactic centre is influencing the Earth but need more scientific proof, then you might want to watch a video by Dr. Paul LaViolette Phd., or see an article on this the theme of a connection between the Galactic Centre and the Tsunami 2004. For indeed, there was a "galactic tsunami" in the heavens originating from a  starquake near the Galactic Centre area that would have sent gravitational waves that  in all liklihood caused the earthquake and tsunami here on Earth. On 27th December 2004 the largest ever seen flash of light from a gamma ray burst was recorded. Although the light waves arrived after the earthquake, LaViolette reasons that the "gravity waves" would have come earlier. Unfortunately  there are no records made to tell when these gravity waves arrived. The Max Planck Institute in Germany also wrote of the gamma burst originating in the constellation Sagittarius close to within a few degrees of where the Sun was positioned, so the burst came from the Galactic Centre direction and bounced off the Moon and the Ionosphere of the Earth.
 Artist conceptions of the December 27, 2004 gamma ray flare expanding from SGR 1806-20 and impacting Earth's atmosphere. Credit: NASA

However, these discoveries were just the beginning of the journey I began back in 2005. In an effort to explain the workings of the "Heavenly Clock" I had begun using mythological texts and other ancient writing to discover that all great ancient societies, in Egypt, India, China, and the Americas, once knew about the Milky Way and even about the Galactic Centre. There is even evidence of this in very long ago times in Great Britain and Europe. This understanding had been passed down in mythological, sacred and religious texts as well as left behind in monuments and artwork,   yet the sense of the art and writings had been lost, what more telling truth than the modern interpretation of the word myth as an untrue story. So I was certainly backing the right horse with my discovery, with two methods that no one took seriously : astrology and mythology! The loss of the Galactic Centre to leading minds in the northern hemisphere may, as JohnMajor Jenkins also recognized, be connected to the fact that the Earth's motion in relation to the Galactic Centre does not allow it to rise above the horizon beyond Greece. So that those further North never even see it. For cultures of the equatorial lands and southern hemisphere this knowledge may have remained alive as the Galactic Centre reamined visible.



Yet it was possible to put the beads back on the necklace. I had discovered a centre that had many female attributes, not least of which a black hole that was seen as a hungry mouth or birthing womb. We all have vague memories of a goddess in our children's stories from Greek myths maybe of Ceres and other Earthy mother figures, but they had usually lttle power or significance. Yet in earlier times this was different.

The Goddess Hera seems to have existed  long before her more famous husband Jupiter - Zeus. He is considered the ruler of the constellation Sagittarius now, but that he got his power from Hera who he pursued for hundreds of years is largely forgotten, so there was a much greater galactic power behind the throne and this makes in a sense the constellation Sagittarius a new centre for astrology too, moving us beyond a solar dominated patriarchal vision.  The image of the feminine power has been softened and weakened,  Hera became in the patriarchal system little more than a nagging jealous wife associated with matrimony where earlier she had had great horns instead of eyebrows and serpent hair if she were enraged the whole Earth might suffer. All that remains is the appelation "cow-eyed" and a  an image of Her as veiled, an image given to many goddess and rather appropriate as the Galactic Centre is also veiled.

  Yet this goddess once ruled the whole Milky Way. In modern art this was remembered in Tintoretto's rendering of the goddess Hera, and how she created the Milky Way when spurting milk from her breast as Hercules was ripped away on discovering he was the son of her husband and an earth woman.

Painting by Tintoretto in the National Gallery
 Plato tells us that as Solon visited the ancient centre of learning in Egypt he was told that both lands were dedicated to the goddess and that Greece was a young nation compared with Egypt whose records - at that time before their destruction- were much older. In Egypt the Milky Goddess called "cow-eyed" was often represented by a starry woman in the heavens called Nut and sometimes even by a cow or cow headed goddess and associated with Hathor, or Isis.

Let us reintroduce this female principle in our cosmos as a power with great potential for destruction and creation., this means reintroducing a hidden centre in the body too, the procreative centre or womb. This area is now recognized iby fitness trainers as the power centre of the body. Now e have a mother goddess and a father god, the Sun riules the heart and the Galactic centre the womb. It means we have a duality again, God is married. In fact in earlier times the gods were her children her servants or her lesser parts, her clothing and decoration as the Sun is just one of many in a great galaxy of stars that makes up her body.
 Showing how the goddess represented the Milky Way galaxy in ancient times. In these matriarchal times the sign Taurus at the Galactic Anti-Centre would have been the  head
of the Goddess, not a bull but a cow's head and Scorpio or the Galactic Centre would represent her tail end womb and udder. Sometimes the horse was a symbol for the galaxy or universe, we can now imagine it would have originally been a mare. This may explain the white horse at Uffington, England and a number of ancient stories. As she became represented by a woman the woman wore often a starry cloak.
This carried over into modern images of the Mother of God, Our Lady of Guadalupe and Mary.

Is this the woman told of in Revelation associated with the end time and the birth of a son? Is this the woman seen in heaven clothed with the Sun and the Moon below her feet?

"And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun,

and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:

and being with child she cried, being in travail, and in pain to bring forth.
Revelation 12:1-2

Increasingly we begin to remember a great galactic goddess who we have long forgotten but played the central role in an earlier matriarchal consciousness.
In ancient China Kuan Yin was the Goddess, often shown with many arms like the Milky Way galaxy, often standing on a rock out of which water would spring and associated like the lady of Guadelupe with a dragon-serpent. In fact sometimes she stands with her many arms behind a meditating god like figure- a Buddha- and she is surrounded by a cobras head or the Full Moon is behind her.

It is interesting that as we go deeper into this story, Her story we find the word Ku coming up more often: Hunab Ku, Kukulkan, Bolon Yokte Ku and now Kuan Yin. This is of course no accident but takes us back into the sacred female element as we will see, from the deregotary word for cunt we move back to Ku as germanic root word for a hollow place, and we find that Ku at root suggets the essence of the feminine power - the womb and the source of the kundalini fiery serpent-dragon that may be taught to rise from the lower body where it is at home. So we find the Milky Way serpent dragon exists in the human body too! Also many mountains have thie epithet as in the holy  Kun-lun mountains of China where emperor Fuxi married his usually serpent bodied sister.
Recovering the female element in a patriarchal world is quite revolutionary, but as the last Pope John Paul said on telling of the coming flood, the best thing to do at this time is to pray, not to God, but as he repeated, to the Mother of God.
Put everything in the hands of the Mother of God!"
Then he went on to say: "We must be prepared to undergo great trials in the not-to-distant future; trials that will require us to be ready to give up even our lives, and a total gift of self to Christ and for Christ. Through your prayers and mine, it is possible to alleviate this tribulation, but it is no longer possible to avert it, because it is only in this way that the Church can be effectively renewed. How many times, indeed, has the renewal of the Church been effected in blood? This time, again, it will not be otherwise.

"We must be strong, we must prepare ourselves, we must entrust ourselves to Christ and to His holy Mother..." Pope John Paul

Increasingly it seemed that the matriarchal vision was a galactic vision and a Great Year vision that we must reconnect to now. It existed once in the religion of Asia - China-India-Indonesia - with its memory of a many-armed goddess, such as the Milky Way was many-armed, and this vision was vastly superior to our own.
In India-Indonesia the goddess Durga was the more violent aspect of the female Shakti power here Durga is shown defeating a demon that had caused great catastrophe on earth.
She, Durga, with her lion, (as Sekhmet in Egypt was a terrifying lion goddess (Scarlet Lady, Lady of Flame, associated with the Cobra too),  a powerful aspect of the goddess that even the gods must fear. In her ferocious and ancient aspect the goddess was usually clothed not in the blue of recent times but in brilliant, scarlet red. As in the case of the living goddess Kumari.
 As also in the case of the Whore of Babylon who in Revelation 17.3-4 is described as arrayed in purple and scarlet sitting on a scarlet beast, a beast which has the head of a lion, body of leopard and is empowered by the dragon. Could the Milky Way connection need further clearing? Perhaps. In all these cases we may later look  at the volcanic relation when we have unlocked the MYSTERY that is written on this whore's forehead.





Interesting about Kali as Goddess is that in some versions she rules this age the Kali Yuga, which some give evidence to show its ending, at least in its descending phase, in 2012. Certainly the mythology to the end time fight between Kai and Kalki who comes as a messiah figure on a white horse bears parralels to the Biblical Revelation where Jesus rids a white horse and we have a scarlet dressed whore. Some make a distinction between Kali as Goddess and Kali as demon attributing anything not nice to that Kali, but the Goddess Kali was born fighting and destroying, in a fury of destruction, so with all attempts to make her attractive she remains a frightening figure, pictured with her tongue sticking out and necklaces of skulls. Interesting is that the goddess is associated wiith a downward pointing triangle as we see in this video about her.

  The Female Energy's place in the Great Plan - of elements and Yin and Yang
 The goddess power was different to the god power it was like an opposite pole. If the Goddess was associated with monsters, with wild cats and dragons and serpents and cows and crocodiles, god was of a more heavenly pole, or not? Certainly now we begin to have again a play of elements, as in astrology we have positive and negative signs of the zodiac and elements that are associated with male and female powers and planets that were once seen as gods and goddesses. Astrology retains an understanding of four elements : earth air fire and water. Earth and water that tend to sink down are considered the negative or female elements and air annd fire that tend to rise up are the positive or male elements, the upper elements air and fire were more masculine and earth and water more feminine.

But certainly we now have an interplay of male and female elements in our understanding of our cosmos, rather like like Yin and Yang.
Could the astrological picture, and the idea of the Great Year be connected to simple principles of light and dark, heat and cold, rising and falling energy such as was told of in the cycle of Yin and Yang? I began drawing pictures of Yin and Yang. This was the picture I came up with, the way I saw Yin and Yang.
Yin moves down like a fish into the waters of the underworld. 
Yang moves up like a bird to the Heavens
I felt that Yin was a dark energy that I associated with the weighty elements of earth and water an energy that must fall downward and would be represented by a creature of the lower elements - a whale like creature.
I saw Yang energy as a light energy in both senses of the word. I imagined it as a bird rising. I envisaged the two eating each other, so the fish like levaithon below might attach the bird and the bird might be a fish eating heron. Although this was only an instinct it turned out to be the instinct of other more ancient peoples in many places. So in Egypt the Bennu associated with the phoenix was visualized as a kind of heron and the Goddess was a kind of fishy monster called Tiamat, or was a fish.
In attempting to explain all this further  I found myself reading the I Ching again.

This was when I was given my next, and a most major breakthrough.

I had wanted to know which hexagram represented December, the area and time of year of Sagittarius, in which the Galactic centre is placed. I discovered it was represented by the most Yin of all the hexagrams made up of six broken Yin lines. It was called K'un and associated with a female horse, the mare.
Looking at the relation of K'un to the other hexagrams I was drawn to read about K'un's position in the "primary trigram arrangement." created by the legendary Fu Xi over 5000 years ago. I found it was placed at the base of a cycle of significantly perhaps eight trigrams. This was where the Yin maximum was then truly placed. If you look at pictures of Yin and Yang in the internet sometimes the dark Yin is above and Yang below, but a true plan needed constancy and this position made perfect sense to me. Further Yin increased as it fell down on the west side of the diagram. The west side was associated with water. This clearly associated Yin with the element water. At its base, and at the transition of Yin to Yang it was associtaed with Earth, the other female element.

The primary Trigram arrangement created by Fu Xi suggests that this is the correct primal relationship between Yin and Yang with Yin sinking down on the west side and Yang rising up on the east side.

Yin had to fall down as it was of water and earth elements and dark and cold, which were major characteristics of Yin, and Yang had to rise up as it was of fire and air elements of heat and "light". This must indeed by the primary arrangement that explained all else. So placed one could also see Yin and Yang as the rise and fall of the Sun in its daily and yearly cycles. I found support for this in a number of texts. Yang energy was like Sun energy. Yang is also associated with growth, so that a plant like corn grows up in its Yang phase and decays back down into the earth in its yin phase. (More on Yin and Yang in Wikipedia).
So Yang would be reborn at midnight in the daily cycle, rise to maximum at midday and then fall back down into the cold Yin of Night. In this connection the goddess Nut is not just the heavens she is the night sky and madonnas in ancient times were often black madonnas, and the goddess power was associated with the powers of night, moon and earth, so far this all fitted.
The same pattern of light and dark occurred in the yearly cycle at the winter solstice Yang or Sun energy began to increase so that the days grew longer and reached their maximum at midsummer or the summer solstice from which point the darkness increased and the warmth of the Sun lessened.
So the bodies of Yin and Yang could explain the daily and yearly cycles of the Sun.
But could it explain the Great Year cycle which was related to the whole galaxy and not just to our solar system?
It was as I pondered all this that I noticed that the primary arrangement of the I Ching was not relating maximum Yin to the Winter Solstice point of the year which would seem the most rational if it was just about an increase and decrease of solar energy- light.  It was marking the base in the whole period of December from November 21 to December 21. True this would be the darkest month of the year but it seemed possible that this was marking a galactic axis. I remembered a book I had read on Yin and Yang in German that had referred to the fact that the Chinese knew about the Milky way and how they included it in their plan.
 Frank Fiedeler's very  academic and challenging book "YIN und YANG Das kosmische Grundmuster in den Kulturformen Chinas" explained that the vertical axis through the Yin Yang sign marked by its two eyes represented indeed the galactic axis! The Milky Way!
Here also we have a reinforcement of the idea that the Sun and day are the Yang elemets above. The eyes of Yin and Yang are the lunar phases. When the Moon is conjunct the Sun it is dark and invisible, when it is opposite the Sun it is full. This  inadvertently led to a further certainty that the full Moon was associated with Sagittarius, or the K'un area. This was supported by the fact that Sagittarius in China was known as the lunar archer, the bow stretched was itself the full Moon. In its opposed position it could even shoot at the Sun, this led to a number of stories and ceremonies connected to shooting down the Sun.
 This axis was further thought of as the central beam of a house,  and it was the word for king
as well as represented (ideally at least) by markings on the face of the tiger, the beastly king of the more northern asian jungle.

This same idea could be expressed in a number of ways in which the vertical axis of the Milky way was not a beam but a tree and the branches and roots connected to the lunar phases.
 Therewith the Galactic centre region took over the function of the root of a tree.
This idea of the galactic axis as a tree and the Galactic Centre as at the root was one we have already come across in the Mayan crocodile tree picture.

In fact does not the crocodile look just like the Yin part of the Yin Yang cycle,and if it is Yin this would explain the idea found in the Dresden Codex and the Bible of it being a kind of dragon that spews water and causes floods. The bird above reminded me of my own bird in the Yin Yang picture above. Was this also a galactic Yin Yang picture  showing the Galactic Centre  connected to a foot a root and a monstrous mouth?
The primal arrangement had associated K'un with the earth element. Roots grow in earth. But wasnt the Galactic centre up in the heavens? How could it be of the earth? Not all that is up in the sky is the heavens, especially the night sky was associated with the underworld and in fact the Galactic Centre was associated with the earth and the underworld, as the Goddess always was. Like Hela in Iceland, the Mother principle was the Earth principle and the father principle was Our Father Who Art in Heaven... So this was a plan forming but it certainly didnt fit to the astrological picture which showed Sagittarius  up above in its basic plan. One couldnt think of a tree growing down out of the heavens above - it didnt fit.

Yet there were a number of factors and discoveries that showed this was corect. For in India the area of the heavens associated with the Galactic centre was called Mula, and Mula meant root, or root support centre, and it was associated also with disasters. Here one Indian astrologer talks about Moola and Sagittarius. Here also associated to the goddess Mahla Kaali.

 Another figure associated with this constellation, and in fact the very degree in which the Galactic Centre is usually thought placed, 3°, is the demon Ketu that is made up of the tail end of a snake with no head. As roots are like tails and serpents- snakes are also tails as are scorpions there was further reason to associate this area with the root and base area of the plan. Ketu, called in the west the South Node is also in the east associaetd with disaster, which connection I have shown also in other articles. It is indeed found involved in the worst disasters in history. Of course there is a relationship to the Galactic Dragon of the Milky Way.


To fit with the primal arrangement that allowed one to understand the Great Plan this astrological picture had to be turned upside down

and this last version is wrong, at least for the primal arrangement.

This led me to see that either there has been a catastrophic shift or a gradual precession that has changed the original plan and primal arrangement undertsood in ancient times. Sagittarius was a winter sign, the winter was the Yin time the time of the Goddess, the time when life withdrew to the earth, to its roots to survive, something we may need to do to survive the coming years. If you look back at the Tibetan Wheel of Transmigration one can very roughly see the people working inside the volcano so beneath the Earth.

 Further pictures in Frank Fiedeler's book showed how the mountain was also associated with the Yang area, particularly a triple or three part mountain. At the base of the picture a white fish  swimming in the sea represented th Yin part of the picture. So I began to think, Yang is the mountain, valleys are Yin, if we are talking about a cycle of growth and decay, rise and fall in the Great Year cycle we could connect it to the growth of a plant or tree or to a mountain. How do mountains grow up, they may grow through their own fiery volcanic nature, through the power of the fiery dragon. Of course there were many factors that led me to see things this way. Not least  was the image of Capricorn the mountain goat with the fish tail whi is shown rising out of the Yin ocean up the mountain side, a king´d of first solar journey to ward the Yang light.



As the winter solstice is astrologically the time of the goat Capricorn ruled by Saturn I have combined the two ideas above placing the winter solstice below.


Another factor that suggested that the Galactic Centre was the Yin base of the plan out of which something like a mountain micht grow, out of which some good return might be awaited was that when the dark phase of K'un came to an end we reached the winter solstice and this was represented by the hexagram Fu meaning return. That is where we are now in the Great Year cycle we are at the winter solstice and midnight point of a Great Year cycle from which Yang would rise again. The I Ching was quite definite in explaining how Yang returned. It returned from below, inside the Earth, it returned with "Thunder in the Earth". Earthquakes and volcanic activity cause thunder in the Earth. The Yang energy rising again is seen as good in the I Ching for in many ways the Yang energy is the energy of life itself .



FU - RETURN with Thunder in the Earth


As the winter solstice is astrogically the time of the goat Capricorn ruled by Saturn I have combined the two ideas above placing the winter solstice below.

As we now see the Yin force as a female associated with water and earth elements and Yang as a fire and light element rising in the east  and we see how at the base of the cycle Yang is born of Yin, indeed in astrology Capricorn is an earth sign and it is through the earth element that the fiery Yang energy rises.

I had to create a new primal arrangement which associated the astrological houses and signs with the Yin Yang primal formula.






If I now placed Sagittarius in the place where Kun was placed it supported what I anyway believed that Sagittarius represented the time of greatest darkness before midnight, before the winter solstice and in the Great Year it would of course also be the darkest time fitting to what ancient views of the Great Year cycle suggested and this dark age ruled by the black Kali in India.
Yet further the journey of Yin and Yang took one up into the heavens and down into the earth or underworld. The astrological signs were based on the same understanding. 
This meant that the Galactic Centre area was associated with the earth element and in fact the Underworld. She was not just the womb of heaven - or an underworld in the heavens, she was the Earth Mother or the womb of the Earth. As she was at the base of the plan where the Full Moon was placed in the Yin Yang cycle, the place of Earth. So the mare represented the earth that carries us - the womb of earth and yet it was out of her that Yang was born. What was Yang? Well in the daily and yearly cycles it was the Sun. So the Sun was born each year and after each midnight from an earthly mother that was also a galactic mother.
So the "sun"-child was born out of the Earth when it arose over the horizon, or out of a volcanic mountain often called a sun mountain. As the Galactic Centre was the womb birthing Suns in the deep of space so the volcano birthed them out of the earth.
Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew responds to the questions of his disciples about the end of the world age (eon) by giving a number of hints, including that the bridegroom (a name for an aspect of the Sun) would return at midnight.
Midnight, winter solstice and the present time around 2012 are all representing the same phase in a cycle, the phase when maximum Yin gives birth to Yang.
Many of the goddesses were associated with mountains- probably voolcanic mountains, like ninhursag in Sumeria and Parvati - daughetr of the mountain in India

Sumerian Goddess Ninhursag with the spirit of the forests next to the seven spiked cosmic tree of life. Relief from Susa.

All myths about the end time tell us also of a return. The return of Jesus, the Second Coming, the Son of Man, Bridegroom, Vishnu in his aspect as Kalki, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan. The tibetans, Navajos, Hopi, Lakota, Greeks (Prometheus) Norse (Baldur) and many other cultures have their own stories about the return. Sometimes it is associated clearly with a mega-disaster and yet in the long term it reptresents in all cases something good.
Yet what is this return. The I Ching can explain it.
When K'un reaches maximum all of the light principle of Yang has been lost, except one might say in the light eye of the full Moon. Yet the solar Yang of the sun which is associated with great goodness and without which life on earth would be impossible begins to return at this dark time in Fu, the hexagram representing the winter solstice.
Fu shows one Yang line below in the hexagram and explains that Yang returns below, from inside the earth, it causes thunder in the earth as it begins to rise. In Mesopotamia there was an underworld aspect of the Sun, it was said that when Shamash travelled below the Earth he caused volcanic activity. And indeed how can Yang be born of the Earth? He is born through the life force that pierces up like a spear or sword - like the shoot of a plant, like the explosion of a volcano.
It became obvious that the ancients could express the galactic axis as a straight line and that this straight line was a motion from Yin to Yang, where Yin was all that lived in the earth and seas including the mare which has in fact as a white horse been a symbol of the seas, mer, mar, as well as of the mother that carries us, mère. Yet there were further animals associated with Yin. All that was reptilian- serpents were the most primal form perhaps and could live in earth and water, yet the dragon also contained the idea of fire within it. Then another ancient idea was  a turtle that carried the world and sometimes was sort of bound to a fire breathing snake. Sometimes the turtel had a fiery eye like a volcano inthe top of his shell and somehow he gave birth to a figure of light or the corn god would rise from him.
The upper heavenly end and the east side of the cycle where the yang energy rose to heavenwas associated with the birds, the bennu, the phoenix, the red bird, the fire bird, the peccary (Maya Gemini is two peccaries). The goddess was a dragon with wings above and reptilian body below, was also associated with a fish and the galactic axis was even seen as a fish in the vesica pisces which is an ancient  diagram as well of the paths of Yin and Yang and how they interrelate.Alternatively the lower part of the galactic axis, the yin part could be seen as a serpent and the yang part, the upper heavenly part might be seenas the upper body of a male creature like a bull (Taurus) or a man, who was also of very Yang constitution walking upright as he did. Or one might represent the upper solar part with a solar yang beast like the lion, or with a bird, especially a male bird like the cock, and wings might be given. So the Hebrew god Yahweh was shown on coins with a cocks head and wings and serpent legs and phallus.
As the Galactic axis runs from Scorpio/ Ophiucus-Serpentarius/Sagittarius at base to Taurus/Orion/Gemini at crown in the heavens, Mercury ruler of the heavenly sign Gemini was often portrayed with wings, just as Horus-son of Osiris, also associated with Orion, was also represented by a bird- a falcon, and Mercury carried a caduceus rod or staff   entined with serpents and winged at the top. The idea of the rising winged and fiery serpent became a picture of good returning to the world.
Here you see how Mercury is helped by Capricorn the goat. For Capricorn the goat is the first rising sign after the winter solstice, he is a mountain goat, a climber and he leads up to Gemini which is his crowning glory of the Yang energy. After June and Gemini Yang power begins to decline again.
In terms of the present alignment of the galactic axis and centre with the winter solstice that begins the ascending phase of Capricorn, the time of new earth, and of the earth born son of God reborn. All our saintly figures begin their journey up into the light represented by both Sun and the Galactic Anti-centre-Orion Taurus-Bull of Heaven area.
So Saturn would be again the father of a Golden Age and a golden mountain that the cap of the goat would have originally also represented the Yang mountain of fire energy rising.
So Capricorn/ Saturn beginning right at the winter solstice begins his reign here. He grew in the great year cycle until 12,500 years ago, at least tht's what I postulate, though the fall of the huge volcanic mountain may have survived at least in apart through a number of Great Year cycles, only meeting complete destruction 12,500 years ago- or perhaps the last damage was done in 11,600 BP. Saturn and his Titans were imprisoned in the Underworld as they lost the battle with the new gods- as Satan (same origin as Saturn) lost the battle with God. His Fall created Great evil though he had brought a Golden Age before that time. His return now will begin as evil disaster but will agian lead to a Golden Age on Earth as he rises as the mountain of the golden age out of the seas of the goddess mother Kumari.
All is cyclic, and Orion (the mountain man) was not free of blame in the last great disaster half a Great Year ago. He was the Phaethon (sounds like python) who as son of the Sun and the a Mother Earthand

So after a "falling away" told of in the Bible and the opening of the pits of hell, and the time of the son of perdition, the return of the incarnated son of an earth mother and heavenly father would occur. Jesus represented such an elemental son, as Zeus was, as Quetzalcoatl, as many other god-heroes were often associated with serpents or winged and even fiery serpents and also told of a volcanic return.
So Isaiah 800 years before Christ was living told of the loss of a mountain that was like a staff and how its fall caused great evil to the people who lived there and this concrete-real fall is the fall of Satan who as a volcano reached too close to heaven and then erupted making war with god and was thrown down- the high volcano that was like a tree fell into the ocean leaving only a stmp for a Second Coming. These themes are woven into the plot of Isaiah's talk of the return of a fiery winged wserpent like the one awaited in Mesoaamerica.
To the ancients the image of a volcano, of a beast, of a tree and of a man could be intertwined. They could all represent the galactic axis, all had a lower and upper body and a spine through which the kundalinin power rose from below from the galactic centre - muladhara. It is no accident that in Chin one of the stars inthe head of the constellation Scorpio is called Yin, or that in India the area of the Galactic centre is called Mula, meaning root.

For to the ancients the sun was born of the volcano, the womb of the earth, the root of the sacred tree. That is why they would chose volcanic mountains, and where the volcanoes were dormant or non existenet they would use mountains or even build pyramids and temples to represent the places where the Sun rise and set into the Galactic Mother who was also the Earth Mother. She was the dark madonna of course as Yin was always represented by dark colours, yet she contained fire in her womb and so also wears beneath her dark blue starry cloak often red.
She was associated not just t´with the cow and the mare but also with more fiery creatures representing her volcanic power - the power of the dragon, of the jaguar, leopard, lion and jaguar. Especially the cats that hunted at night, that had a fiery colour with dark spots like flowing magma.
 The centaur was a half horse created when a male mated ith mares, yet in earlier times sagittarius was also represented with the body  of a cat to represent the Yang fire. Most ancient goddesses had a cat on a line as arm rests stood on one or sat on one, Shakti, Durga, Sekhmet , Ishtar,... all asoociated with the cat, as indeed the whore of Babylon who brings the greatest disaster down on that area of the Earth through the wrath of God.
The beast on which she sits is a leopard bodied, lion headed scarlet creature empowered by the dragon.
The story of Revelation is about the volcanic return of the Holy Mountain of God.

Yet we think these ancient ideas of the Sun being born of the Earth are wrong and we do not believe in a plan, so we cannot understand such ideas.
Further here we are not talking about a purely solar return but about a super solar - godly principle of good, represented by the Galactic Anti-Centre area in which the Pleiades, Taurus, Orion and the sign Gemini are placed. The bright stars of Orion perhaps best represent the Yang-male nature: A giant male with a phallus and sword, a hunter, a macho who chases the girls- Pleiades, his stars are bright and attract ones attention in the night sky. All over the world we are now discovering that monuments were aligned to him, the temple to Quetzalcoatl in the city of the gods, Mexico, the pyramids at Giza were his belt stars. He was associated with Osiris, whose return from the Underworld is also expected, some believe on 21st December 2012.
Orion and the Galactic Centre are Yin and Yang poles on a see-saw and in the next hundred odd years they come to an end of their present direction of motion and begin to reverse. The legendary Fuxi seems to have associated the time of alignment of the galactic axis with the solstices with a polar reversal.
There is quite a lot of evidence suggesting that one occurred 12,900 to 12,500 years ago, with a final catastrophe occurring 11,600 years ago.
Both the Giza pyramids and the huge temple complex at Angkor Wat are aligned to stars as they were placed 12,500 years ago.
The signs- yin-yang and the Galactic Centre and parts of the Body and time of the Great Year 
The volcano is one representative of the vertical Milky Way axis  as is also all that grows tall and upright like a tree, a bullrush, a rod, staff sceptre, sword, even a cows tail held upriht has ben used to symbolize the one central mountain of the Golden Age - Meru in which 33 gods lived. The mountain was the backbone of the world and held it stable, this was the backbone of Osiris, the Djed, sometimes a tall high phallic image might represent the sameas with Shiva assocaited with volcanoes (arunchala) and mountains and phallic imagery.
The kundalini rises up from the root chakra which in  a man one might see as close to his phallic power and in a woman close to her womb power- our rooot is the muladhara and from here the fiery kunadlini energy rises in the body. It is further proof that we are correct to associate the Galactic centre with the root-base and womb imagery when one sees that traditionally the sex organs and whole pelvic bowl- and sacred grail with the sacrum like a head of a snake or cobra at the base is ruled by Scorpio and Sagittarius. This is the procreative power house of the body. the upper parts of the body are ruled by more summery signs- emini is associated with the mind the liungs the arms- all those expressive parts of us that are most open to the world.
Ninkhursag was a Mesopotamian goddess - lady of the mountains- and a birthing goddess too who was associated with an omega symbol that was at the same time the symbol for the vulva-womb-sexorgans.She was lady over death and birth and it isbelow aninteresting association with the number8, Scorpio is the eighth signand house in the zodiac and associated with birth and death, poisoning and healing too as we have now discovered the GalacticCentre is also.


She cursed En-ki with death, and soon eight of his body parts began to die. Eventually, when the goddess's anger cooled, she "seated En-ki by her vulva" and gave birth to eight deities, each assigned to heal a particular part of the god (Kramer in Pritchard 1969: 36-41). A great deal of Nin-khursag's power was obviously situated in her vulva and womb. See article with pictures here.

The Scorpio-Galactic area is also associated with the serpent in many cultures, and so it is the natural seat of the kundalini -the power of the goddess Shakti - which is also seen as a fiery serpent that can awake and rise up the spine awakening the chakras.


Note from the author: apologies that this is unfinished. I am working on all this as time allows, it is a massive theme, and as the time to 2012 is so close I am placing the information on this website and working on it. I hope it may be of help even so to others also interested in 2012 and that I will soon be able to complete the Volcanic 2012 Story... please come back and see how it is progressing :-)
Here is a more recent article emphasizing the volcanic nature of the Mayan Prophecy, which I never got around to in the earlier explanations... ;)